Control Weed With Pre Emergent Herbicide

Keeping garden beauty from unwanted weed is boring daily activity, if we do it manually by knife. The effective way to do it, using pre emergent herbicides. It is chemical material which can prevent garden from weed. It is able to stop their growing.

Pre emergent herbicides don’t kill weed but it is only stop growing. This chemical will be effective to be used if we use at certain time. So, timing to use it, is important. It must be used at time before weed growth period is started. But apply it too early will be useless. Outside weather will make it dilute and weed growth prevention will not work well.

Good Time To Apply

Many garden experts say that there are two opportunities to apply these pre emergent herbicides. These are on March 15 and September 15. These are crucial time for controlling weed growth at garden. So, at least twice a year we have to use this chemical.

The reasons behind fixing of March 15 and September 15 are based on two type of weeds which grow at two seasons. These weeds are winter and summer weeds. At winter season, soil temperature is more about 50 degrees, ideal temperature for weed growth. Weed types like crabgrass or clover will start emerge at this temperature.

While at summer time, weed starts to produce new seed. If we can prevent this growth, at least we can hold it until next year. We can make sure that our plants will not be disturbed with weed at the moment.

How To Choose

At the market there are several types of pre emergen herbicide like isoxaben, pendimethilin, benefin, dithiopyr and siduron. These are some popular types. Before buying, recognize first what exactly wee type at your garden then decide what proper pre emergent herbicides to handle your weed at garden. Read carefully each specification, components and how to use it.

Pre Emergent Herbicides

Pre Emergent Herbicides For Lawns

Control Weed

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