Benefits of Wooden Retaining Walls

Wooden Retaining Wall IdeasThe main enemy of this wooden retaining walls is water or moisture. Important to build good water channel or drainage, something like French drain to reduce accumulation of water in the ground. This way can reduce negative effect of water and can make long life of retaining walls become longer.

If we will build wooden retaining wall, find wood treated with additive to prevent from decomposition if contact to earth. It has good strength. We can find it at timber store. For harder and more durable wood, railroad ties are the answer. But this type contains toxic chemical.

List below can help you to consider using wood as your retaining wall. There are advantages and disadvantages of this material.


  • Price is affordable than other materials
  • Bring natural look at garden
  • Easy to install and constructed
  • Some wood are strong, durable and able standing for years usage
  • It can be part of beautiful and functional garden element
  • Wood is natural material, help to create organic environment
  • It can be painted if we like


  • Available in limited option shape. We will meet difficulties if we want retaining walls in curve and circle shape
  • Without special treatment, it can not stand for long time from moisture, decompose and termites
  • Less durability and long life than other materials like rock and brick
  • It can be burned

You might also want to consider fences that will go with a wooden retaining wall.  Here are a few ideas:  Wood Fence Designs to suit your house, or Privacy Fence Ideas.

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