Benefits of Wooden Retaining Walls

Our modular system is ideal for building retaining walls, making it an excellent alternative to bricks, stones, and railway sleepers. We explain why …

Why use Wooden for retaining walls?

Whether your garden is sloping or hilly, using Wooden to arrange your spaces is profitable and the finished product is solid, durable, natural, and elegant. Made from local autoclaved wood, our retaining walls will not rot or deform. In addition, if you use the earth behind the wall for cultivation, you can be assured that the wood will not release harmful chemicals like those used to treat railway ties.

How much earth can they hold?

Wooden structures are joined by a series of studs to create a rigid structure. Each stud can withstand a vertical force of 0.9 tonnes.

A single Wooden retaining wall can hold up to one meter of soil. For customers who need higher walls, do not hesitate to take a look at the terrace designs already made. Elegant and solid they create additional planting areas.

How to take full advantage of your Wooden retaining wall?

We are proud to offer a versatile system that adapts perfectly to your garden. A Wooden retaining wall should never be more than a simple retaining wall! We can aesthetically integrate steps, seats, and planting areas into your project.

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