Use Plywood Table Top to Give New Life for Your Old Table

Do you have old table that’s looked bad and you never use anymore? Use plywood table top  to change its appearance. But be aware, not all old tables will fulfill conditions needed. Only old table with sturdy construction can be selected. It doesn’t matter whether your old table has square or round shape. You can make the same shape or change to different shape. What you need is one sheet of plywood. Measure first your old table dimension and ensure your plywood sheet can perfectly cover those old table legs.

Plywood Table TopTake paper and pencil, draw your new table design. Note all size, width and length of plywood table top. Decide whether square or round for table top surface. It’s up to you. Whatever shape and design you will take, this plywood sheet must be installed stable later. So, always there is maximum size of table top size you can make, no matter how large plywood sheet you have. Keep plywood table top look proportion with existing table legs. Too big table top on small table legs will cause unstable construction and too small table top on big table legs will produce bad looked table.

Round Plywood Table TopYou are free to determine square or round for plywood table top. Now I assume you will make square plywood table top. After getting the right dimension, width and length, then use saw to cut. Be careful when cutting, because all plywood tend to torn along the edge. Use new saw if possible. After cutting finish, use sandpaper to make smooth edge side.

Plywood Table Top EdgeTake ruler and pencil. Make straight line from corner to corner in diagonal direction. Intersection line is center point. It will be guide to install this plywood table top on old table legs.

Attach plywood table top into table legs. Give mark several points by pencil then drill to make holes. Diameter of holes based on screw size you will use. It’s good if before making holes, check first old holes on table legs, so you don’t need to make new holes on it. You just make holes on plywood table top sheet.

Tighten plywood table top with table legs with screw. Do for all holes. Then use wood filler to cover used holes. Until this step, job is finish. You have created new table. What you need to do now is beautifying it with paint. Use paint brush to paint it. Paint both plywood table top table legs with the same color. If paint can not manipulate table legs appearance, because it’s made from significantly different wood with plywood, you need table cloth to cover table top.

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