Unique Coffee Table from Trunks

Coffee table trunks are unique, vintage look, creative and romantic. If you have unused storage trunks, why don’t you use as unique coffee table. Put it at living room, it will create informal coffee table look. If you want your guests feel comfortable drinking coffee with you, this unique coffee table can help. If you don’t have this storage trunk, you can get it at flea or antique store with affordable price that sell furniture trunks. Then you can dress up to make it look pretty. In small living room, this coffee table can be interesting focal point. It’s looked like coffee table trunks chests.

Coffee Table TrunksSeveral ideas to decorate coffee table trunks: family photos in vintage frame, encyclopedia books and flower. To protect its surface from hot water, put glass coaster. Glass coaster design with travel theme is good idea. To make match room with this coffee table, install big mirror with vintage frame and family photos in black and white colors.

Coffee Table Trunks ChestsStep by step to do:

Find the right position where you will place this coffee table trunk. You can put it at living room or family room. Consider, this coffee table trunk will use chairs or not. If you don’t need chairs, lay down rug below it. Without chairs seem more welcoming.

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