Tips to Build Aquarium Coffee Table

If you think that aquarium is home for fish, you are half right. Modern aquarium is very creative. They can be such as wall bordering to separate two rooms. Amazing for large house. Other creative ideas are incorporating aquarium with column or with coffee table. We will talk about last idea. This aquarium table do two functions: coffee table and home for fish. For first function, it create attractive view for people who are drinking coffee.

Aquarium TablePrinciple of this aquarium table is simple. Combine aquarium and table top. Both two sides are made from glass as primary material. Aquarium itself can be designed in rectangle, circular or hexagon shape. Ensure if you will buy glass sheet for top side of aquarium table this glass has enough thickness. Table top surface will hold hot glass and sometimes people put their hand on this table top. Ensure this glass is strong, not easy to break. If you need stronger construction, combine glass and wood as materials.

Aquarium Table DesignLet’s build this aquarium table step by step. I assume you have aquarium with proper size to be transformed become coffee table. Usually this aquarium type has flat shape both bottom and top surface.

Aquarium Table DiyMeasure first aquarium size, width and length. Take paper and pencil. Draw your plan to create aquarium table. There are various creative designs, but most of them fall into two parts: aquarium as table body and table top. For table body, you can consider between aquarium with or without frame. With frame is stronger choice. For table top, you can consider to put glass sheet or combine wood and glass. The last option is stronger option. Until this part, we decide building aquarium with frame from wood.

Now prepare wood as frame following aquarium shape. If your aquarium has rectangle or hexagon shape, building frame will be easier than if your aquarium has oval shape. Cut by saw in several cutting pieces. Assemble and incorporate these woods cutting using nail. It’s like making box from wood, but not solid box. This is box with holes to display aquarium.

After table frame is done, now you have two options to decide what table top you like. You may only put glass sheet or combine wood and glass. Only put glass sheet will make larger area to enjoy aquarium view, but it less strength than making table top frame for glass sheet. As long as this glass sheet has enough thickness, even though without frame, it will be durable enough.

Use sandpaper to make smooth all frame surface. When you will paint, use oil-based paint, not water-based paint, because this table frame will hold aquarium. Cold temperature from water inside aquarium will increase humidity for this table. Oil-based paint will be more withstand and durable for this condition.

Carefully to put aquarium into table frame. Then cover top side table frame with glass sheet. Ensure there are hole or space for air circulation. Fish needs to breath. For accessories, you can install aquarium lamp.

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