Suitable Coffee Table Design for You

Today having interesting coffee table design is more important than drinking coffee itself. Enjoy hot coffee is not only about making delicious coffee, but atmosphere where we drink is more important. Fortunately, you will not run out idea to get great coffee table you like. Almost there are limitless choice of coffee table ( shape, form, material, color, style ). To get the suitable  coffee table, decide first a set of criteria based on some factors. It will reduce your confusion when you encounter to many options.

Coffee Table DesignShape and form

Most coffee table design comes in rectangle, circle, oval, round and irregular shape. For more inviting impression, round and oval are better than rectangle shape. But for contemporary look, rectangle shape works better. So, nothing better shape than another shape. It’s depended on your consideration. For young couple with little kids, try to avoid to choose coffee table with sharp edges.

Coffee Table ModernMaterials

Majority materials to build coffee table are wood, glass, stainless steel, bamboo, rattan and combination of these materials. If you need coffee table with less maintenance, avoid to choose glass coffee table. This type is tend to show dust and you need to clean up daily. Wood, bamboo and rattan are better to hide dirt. Again if there are kids in your home, coffee table from glass is not good choice.

Coffee Table StyleDecoration

Think about coffee table design can not be separated with decoration aspect. You may put flowers arrangement, books, artwork and sculpture. Reading a book at coffee table can be alternative for reading book at window seat cushions. If you have wonderful artwork, your coffee table will be attractive focal point at your room. Decorating a coffee table is super simple. You only need suitable chairs or sofa, rugs and accessories above it.

Where to put this coffee table

Usually a coffee table is put at living room, but actually you may put anywhere: family room and basement. Most coffee table are designed with or without legs. Without legs give more intimacy and warmth impression, but it is not without risk if you use vacuum cleaner to clean up your floor or rugs. Coffee table body can be scratched.

Unique coffee table idea

If you want to find something unique, so coffee table from trunks are your favorite. It is not ordinary coffee table design. It is built from trunks. From far, this coffee table will be seen like not a coffee table, but like trunks. Here is the interesting thing. You can get this type from antique store or build yourself.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The right choice

No matter what kind of coffee table you like, it must be harmonious with existing room decoration. Coordinating design, shape, style and color of your coffee table with all of existing furniture.

DIY task

If you don’t want to spend money to buy a coffee table, try to build. Some great designers like Anna White and Handy offer free coffee table plan and design. You only need material and tools to build it. It’s completely easy if you have basic carpenter skill.

Multifunction coffee table

If you need additional storage place, choose coffee table with drawers under top side. You can store any small items there. It helps to reduce clutter from your home. Specially for small room, this coffee table type is perfect choice.

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