Explore Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

People who live in small home must be creative to handle all their items to not add clutter at their residence. What they should do is maximizing all available space within their home. Sometimes people don’t realize that there are some places they can utilize. What they think every they need to store anything, they buy new storage place. Good, but not always good. Too much storage places anywhere will cause stuffy. Some storage ideas for small spaces below will stimulate your creativity to think that you never realize.

Storage Ideas For Small SpacesMultifunction furniture

This is favorite furniture for small room. For same space, this furniture can do more function than other furniture. Always buy furniture completed with drawers or racks to store any stuffs. Your coffee table and window seat cushion are perfect samples to do main function and as storage places.

Creative Storage Ideas For Small SpacesUtilize under table area

The next unique storage ideas for small spaces are area under living room table. Do your guests think that you use under table area for storing anything? Of course not. So, utilize it. To not reduce aesthetic aspect, this storage place must own the same size and style with table itself. You can camouflage with paint or decorate with attractive fabric. As long as you never talk them about your secret storage, your guests will never know.

Storage Ideas For Small BedroomsAbove fireplace

Area above fireplace is favorite choice to display any interesting stuffs. But also to organize your stuffs without other people realize that you use it as additionally storage place. Your books, collectible stuffs, ceramic and so on are looked good there.

Install rack shelving

Shelving is versatile stuff. It can store any items and display their attraction altogether. Hang shelving on living room wall and arrange your special things there, your guests will be impressed. Put at kitchen to store dishes, basin and pan.  Put above window to store magazine and newspaper. You can camouflage it by painting it in the same color with wall.

Under bed

Area under bed is large enough. Good if you utilize it as storage place. You can store anything inside storage bin. Because under bed usually more humid than other area, better if storage bins are made from plastic. High quality plastic is humid proof than wood. Inside plastic storage bins, your shoes, toys and dolls will be safe.

Under floor

Don’t be laugh with this idea. Some floor from wood has empty space inside it. Similar with area under bed, you can utilize this secret area by entering plastic storage bins. It will be your private storage place. Under bed and under floor are great storage ideas for small bedrooms.

Be good people

What? Yes, remove unnecessary items from your home. No time anymore to longer storing romantic and sentimental memory items. Time goes on, wait for nobody. Sell your used items and get money or providing to charity foundation. Of course you will get no money, but you will feel better after doing kindness for others.

Inside bar table

If you build home bar, utilize every empty space within your bar table as additionally storage places. Complete it with drawers and rack. Besides for storing bar tools, other items can be stored there. Don’t worry, your guests will never know that they are sitting in front of storage places.

Bathroom vanity

Usually a bathroom vanity only used to put anything related to bathroom tools. But if there is still residual empty space, it doesn’t matter if we use it to store any items. It will not reduce its bathroom vanity beauty, because unseen from outside.

Conclusion: Is there anything else? I guess with a little creativity we will always find unique storage ideas for small spaces. Just use your imagination to find other creative storage ideas for small spaces.

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