Simple Way To Decorate A Fireplace Mantel

Decorating a fireplace mantel is a must if we want to improve how it’s looked. Ideally, a fireplace mantel can serve two functions together, to warm room when cold season and enhance room beauty. For the second function, there are several tips to be done.

Family Photo

Decorating a fireplace mantel

Put family photo above fireplace mantel is the easiest way to make it look good. Several photos can be put here. It will provide many advantages: beautify fireplace, remembering to sweet moment, and affordable budget way. Colorful and black-white photos can work well. Give them a good looking frame. Arrange in a good way, avoid clutter by putting too many photos.

Collectible Stuff

The next decorating a fireplace mantel tip is putting collectible stuff. Including here is the crystal, vase, ceramic, wooden toys, art furnishing stuff, mug, dish, and so on. Choose what your favorite stuff is, then put here. It will be a good chance to express your feeling.

fireplace mantel


If you like reading and collect the book, it is good to create a small library above it. It will give an impression to guests that your family is well educated. Books collection like the encyclopedia is good choice. Books like this are produced in the same size and style, so it will be looked tidy than other books type.

Painting Decorating

Painting Decorating

Painting Decorating a fireplace mantel with painting is another easy way. Just measure area will be used to this painting, then pick up the proper painting. Affordable price painting can be bought at any store. Colorful painting is good if we look for a cheerful atmosphere. Give it a pretty frame. If we want cheap painting, but still look good, buy the printing version of an oil painting. This printing version can be printed on paper or canvas.

Flower Do you want your room to feel fresh? So, green plants and flower plants will be your choice to decorate the fireplace. These plants can be hanged or put t vase, depended on types of plants. Make sure these plants get enough sunlight and keep it fresh by pouring water. If we will more practice, fake plants will need less maintenance. Mirror Mirror is versatile stuff. Beside reflecting, it is also for a beautifying room and able to make the room look larger by choosing the right mirror and put it in the right position. Related to the fireplace, it will be sweet decoration, especially if you like a special mirror-like Venetian oval mirror.

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