Wrought Iron Fence Designs

Historically, wrought iron fences have projected wealth and sophistication that could only be found around churches, public buildings and the homes of wealthy people in society. Wrought iron is a commercial form of iron that is tough and malleable with low carbon content which makes it easier to twist and bend while at the same time providing strength and sturdiness. It therefore suitable and often used to make decorative fences, furniture as well as other decorative metalwork that requires bending and twisting.  There are so many different wrought iron fence styles that you are sure to find one that suits your house.

There are so many wrought iron fencing ideas there is sure to be one that suits your house.

Wrought Iron is so versatile. It suits many types of houses, including contemporary styles such as this one.

Wrought Iron Fence Designs – Benefits

A wrought iron fence provides a great level of sturdiness and strength because it is not easily destroyed like other materials.  It also provides the style and look that you want since it is malleable. The process of making wrought iron products involves heating the iron till it is white hot then applying force from a smith’s hammer in order to shape the metal into the desired form. This then results in sensuous curves and shapes and overall elegant design.

Wrought iron fences will never go ‘out of fashion’ since the metal is typically made to conform to the designs that you envision thus matching any landscaping plans and ideas while making it ‘timeless’ with respect to the style. Its ability to be fashioned into different shapes and curves provides the refinement and elegance to any landscapes and backyards.  And don’t forget the benefits of wrought iron gates to secure your home in style.

Wrought Iron fence styles can be custom designed to suit your style of house.

A wrought Iron fence can be custom made to suit your style of house. The house can incorporate wrought iron to tie in with the fence.

Wrought Iron Fence Styles

Traditional wrought iron fences like the ones you can see in 19th century churches or buildings conforms to the style and design ideas of its times which were dominated by scrolls, angels and simple shapes that complemented the architectural form. Modern or contemporary wrought iron fences are more ornamental in design, ranging from leaves, to flowers to symbolic and psychedelic shapes and curves. The malleability of the metal makes it a material of choice for most metal smiths and designers alike.

Combining wrought iron fence panels with a brick or stone fence results in a sturdier and tougher looking yard enclosure. At the same time, it gives the yard enclosure a more refined and elegant appearance since the wrought iron can be crafted to conform with the desired style. There are so many different wrought iron fence styles.  Any fencing configuration or fencing materials that you will use to enclose your home or property will definitely match and blend with wrought iron, giving you flexibility in creativity while still providing the security and toughness that you desire.

Traditional Wrought Iron Fence Styles

Traditional Wrought Iron Fence Styles are popular for older houses.

There is no recommended style and architectural design for a house where a wrought iron fence ought be used as it can be designed to adapt to any style the owner wants it to. It can add chic and sophistication to a modern house and enhance the beauty and elegance of a 19th century style brick house.  And don’t forget the benefits of having

Wrought Iron Fence Colors

Usually wrought iron fences are painted black or rustic brown but with the abundance of color schemes and choices nowadays there is no need to be traditional when painting wrought iron fences. Wrought Iron Fence colors can be as bold or as muted as you like.  You can go green with an ornamentally designed wrought iron fence or bright and screaming colors as your taste dictates.


There are so many different wrought iron fence colors. You should choose one that suits the color and style of your house.

Black is the traditional wrought iron fence style that suits a more traditional house style. However the range of colors is unlimited.


If you have chosen a fence style that incorporates wrought iron panels with stone or rendered brick, then you will want to blend the color of the fence with the house.  If your house is red brick, then choose the same red brick for the fence.  If you have a rendered house then paint the render on the fence the same color.

Wrought iron fence designs are timeless, refined and elegant pieces of artwork by themselves. The design possibilities is as boundless as the imagination of its designer.

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