22 ideas to decorate small rooms

Having a small or very small room is not as rare as we may seem. Above all, space shrinks when, also, you have to share space with the dining room. However, there are many ways to take advantage of the space. We will give you a series of ideas so that you can make the most of your decorate small rooms, and thus enjoy it with the best possible decoration.

Decorate small rooms with neutral and white tones

The first thing is to be very clear about the colors you can use when painting a small room. Since the space is small, you’re going to have to choose a color that helps make it look larger.

In these cases, white color, the best color, is often used to create a sense of spaciousness. On the other hand, there would be grey, beige, or earth tones, but these are only effective if space has a lot of natural light.

The combination of colors, in case, in the case of a lot of light, is also a good idea. You could paint the wall of the furniture in a darker tone and the rest in a lighter tone, to give it a more cozy air.

A wooden floor

ideas to decorate small rooms

In the same way that white color serves to give a feeling of spaciousness, wood fulfills the same function. A wooden floor helps create a feeling of fluidity throughout the room.

It is a slightly more expensive option than tiles, especially since the best option when decorating small rooms is a parquet floor. However, visually, combined with a smooth wall in a neutral tone, it is perfect.

Wood on the walls

Be careful with this, because we are not telling you that you have to cover all the walls in a rustic style. You will simply have to put a piece of wood on the wall, in the TV area, to differentiate it from the rest of the room. On that same table, you can put some shelves to gain some storage space.

Use geometric shapes

In furniture, not everything is straight and circular shapes. Some are also sold that have geometric shapes. If you don’t have a lot of space in your dining room, it will be very useful to buy, for example, a coffee table that has a hexagon shape or an irregularly shaped wall shelf.

This type of furniture is easier to fit when one is in front of a small space. Geometries should also be used in textiles, such as carpet.

Mirrored walls

It is not to say that you have to cover an entire wall with mirrors. Simply put mirrors in the middle of one of the walls, such as the one behind the sofa, to make the room seem more significant.

Never put the mirrors in the lower half of the wall, because not only do they look bad aesthetically, but they are also somewhat annoying.

Lighting on the TV wall

You already know that when watching television it is important that you have some light on at night. So why not put some lights on the wall where the TV is located? It will not only allow you to create a contemporary atmosphere. Still, it will also give your small living rooms a lot of character.

Modern and elegant furniture

small rooms

When buying furniture for a small room, unless you have opted for another decorative style, modern furniture is the best. The reason? They have an elegant appearance, but they are also very simple and easy to fit into any space.

For example, for very small living rooms, you can put a TV cabinet with a lower module, hang the TV on the wall, and have two or three spaces for your electronic devices, at most with a closet door. On the TV side, some shelves, with irregular shapes, or some simple shelves, put your movies or music records.

What would you like a large piece of furniture? Luckily, modern oversized furniture also fits small spaces. Only you still have to make some sacrifices regarding the type of sofa. Of course, in this case, buy it in white, so that it does not seem to steal so much space.

Delimit the spaces

You may have a small dining room, in which case (although this is not always possible), you should delimit the spaces. “How?” You ask. The simplest solution is usually to put a sofa that marks the boundary between the living room and dining room.

The other option would be to put a mat. You can put this under the dining table or sofa. If one zone is close to the other, just put one in space.

Think about decorating your small living room in a minimalist style


When decorating a very small room, you have to face reality, and it is that you will have to incorporate a few things so that space does not seem loaded. In these cases, it is best to bet on a minimalist decoration.

Simple furniture with good storage space, simple seating, but accommodating medium groups, and an environment that, even if small, will seem bigger than it sounds. White will prevail, both on the walls and the furniture, with a beautiful wooden floor.

Natural light

Natural light is always an ally of decorators. The fact that a lot of light penetrates helps the room appear larger. So you will have to put as many windows as possible.

Combine with beautiful white curtains, with a medium thickness, and walls in neutral tones. Very soon, you will see for yourself how space seems to be bigger, and that it will have many possibilities.

Connect the rooms

When the houses are not too big, it is interesting to connect the spaces so that there is a fluidity between all the rooms. How do you do that? Very simple, putting the same type of flooring for the whole house.

Although you may like the idea of ​​a different floor for the living room, this should be the same as that of the hallway and the rest of the rooms in your house. You will notice how everything flows in one direction, and even if it is a small space, it will seem bigger.

Suspended furniture, serves to achieve visual lightness.

If you buy a TV cabinet, you won’t have enough with that to store your entire movie collection or your books. So, you are going to have to bet on suspended furniture.

Such furniture serves to provide visual lightness, since, not being connected, it does not seem that the wall is so loaded. You can put some shelves on the same wall as the TV, while behind the sofa you could put some furniture with doors, or open, to gain a little more storage space.

Suppose you have the opportunity, because, although the living room is small is quite wide. Still, the sofa for the center of the room put behind a low and long shelf and behind that wall a larger one, to gain double the storage space.

Connect the balcony to the living room

Modern Small Living Room Design

Modern Small Living Room Design

It is not so rare to have a balcony in the living room. So why not add that space to the living room?

You can close the balcony, establish the dining area there, create a small space for breakfast, or entertain when you have a visitor, leaving the room only for your private leisure.

Play with neutral colors

To make a small space appear larger, and thus more exploited, neutral colors can be played with, adding some shade of a more remarkable color such as yellow or green.

How do you do that? Very easy. Paint the walls in white or in a beige tone (a gray would also do), buy the sofa in a darker tone, the carpet that combines white with black and the piece of furniture that is made of natural wood, but some piece of it is yellow, green or blue.

Of course, apart from that, you can incorporate other colors through accessories such as paintings. But when you have a very small space, this is the best solution.

Open space

It is the most obvious solution: open space. If you are lucky that your living room is right at the entrance, strip the walls that separate them to make it look a little bigger.

You could also stick it to the dining room or kitchen. The Open Space decoration system is widely used when space is very small. Also, combining everything with a similar decorative style, with neutral tones and, above all, with modern and minimalist decoration, it seems that space is much larger.

If you connect the spaces, it would be interesting that you will mark some limits between them. For example, as we have already told you more than once, the sofa can convert that element that delimits them between the living room and the dining room. But, when it is joined to a kitchen, putting a different floor to this helps to establish the limit between both zones.

Distribute the furniture well

small living room decoration

The secret to getting the most out of decorating a small room is knowing how to distribute the furniture well. Of course, all this depends on the shape of the room and what you are going to have.

Let’s say that the living room is long but a little narrow. In that case, on the longer walls, you will put the TV cabinet and the sofa, with a small coffee table. In the background, near the window, or the balcony, the dining table if you were to have the dining room in the same room. Not? In that case, put a small area to read or relax.

The advantage of this type of living room is that being so long, you can buy a modern piece of furniture, with Nordic inspiration, that will give you a lot of storage space for your things. These pieces of furniture have lots of suspended modules. So it doesn’t seem like they are taking up space.

Now, what if your living room is square and small? Well, here you have several options. The first would be to put the television in a corner with a simple piece of furniture, with shelves on the sides. Right in front of it, put a chaise longue sofa, with one side glued to the wall, and the other to serve as a partition.

The other way would be to put the sofa or sofas in the place of the TV, with the TV cabinet on the wall larger, but this would make space smaller. Of course, if the living room connects with another room, you will not have many more options.

Decorate small rooms with smooth walls

Many people nowadays bet on smooth walls. It is not because the hotel has gone out of style but because it allows us to connect the spaces better. This characteristic so typical of Nordic, modern and minimalist decoration comes in handy in small living rooms.

What’s more, you could even choose to put wallpaper on the walls in a light shade, implement them by covering a wall (like the TV area) to highlight that part of the room and add some darker shade combined with all of them lighter.

Incorporating retroelements also adds a lot to decorate small rooms

What do you not like the minimalist style? Well, there are other options to help your room look bigger than it is. For example, resort to retro furniture, vintage style.

If you stop to look at the furniture from past decades, you will notice that, although there were many large pieces of furniture, very small pieces of furniture were also common, such as loveseats, tables for four, small chairs folding, lamps that exposed the light bulb.

Do you know what is the best of retro furniture? What can be perfectly combined with modern decoration? So, if you opt for this style, you can easily add furniture with a retro touch, so as not to overload the space.

Bet on the Nordic style

ideas to decorate living rooms-1

Don’t confuse a Nordic decoration with a minimalist one. Both are indeed characterized by a commitment to lightly loaded spaces, in white, and with furniture without handles. However, it offers a different air to space.

You could try an industrial style

Another type of style perfect for decorating small rooms is the industrial style. It has very simple furniture, which is perfect for small spaces. What’s more, as most lamps expose the bulb, artificial lighting is double that of any other style.

All this added to the charm of leaving the brick and pipes insight, or giving an unfinished aspect to space, will make your small living room have a lot of character.

The sofa in a small living room

It is clearer that one would like to have a huge sofa in your living room, not only to be able to receive many guests but also for your personal use and enjoyment. But when space is small, you have to settle for what you have.

Instead of putting on a sofa, you could put some seats, or some armchairs to sit on, with some puff for the kids. Another option would be a two-seater sofa, with a couple of seats on each side, or combine two two-seater sofas and place them in an L-shaped shape.

If you end up choosing to buy a chaise longue, try to locate it in such a way that it doesn’t steal much space in the room. You could do this by attaching the chaise longue to the wall or placing it with your back to the dining area.


There’s no room for many accessories in a small room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put some. If you put shelves on the walls instead of suspended closets, and you’re not a person to have a lot of movies or put them in the driveway, you could put some accessories, like small vases or modern-looking figures.

These shelves could also help you put some pictures. Instead of hanging them, thus taking up valuable space on the walls, why not put them on the shelves? On the rest of the walls, you could put, for example, scrolls.

It would also be nice if you introduced some green into space somehow. So, you should take advantage of those shelves to put some plants or put a top floor near the window.

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