8 ideas to decorate a modern living room

Modernism is present in art, music, architecture, fashion, and also in the decoration. But what exactly is modern decor? Is it just putting what’s in the latest fashion? Or is there something else behind a decorative style that is getting into the interior decorators more and more?

One of the spaces in which it is most commonly used is in the living room since it is a comfortable space to adapt to any type of style, and that after that, although the rest of the rooms have another decorative style, it will look good. Would you like us to give you some ideas to decorate your modern living room?

Simplicity, one of the hallmarks of this style

Many people confuse modern decor with minimalism when they are well different. Both indeed share that there is a simple aesthetic in the space, with few furniture and empty spaces.

The furniture is straight lines, often without handles, with simple sofas without many details and with tables that, although they may have legs with an eye-catching shape, you can see the simplicity of this piece with just a glance. There is no excess of decorative objects, opting for open spaces, little recharged, and the right and necessary.

The inclusion of modern accessories

Ideas to decorate modern living room

It is possible that when looking at magazines and images about modern living room decoration, you will find a question: if the modern room is characterized by doing without the excess of decorative objects, why do some people put a lot of paintings on the walls of the living room?

As they say: each person is a world, and the same goes for a modern living room. The space is indeed free of decorative excesses. It is an essential feature of this decorative style, but this does not remove that modern pieces can be put by dressing the walls, as paintings evenly located and with modern illustrations.

But, above all, it is committed to illustrations without frames, with lots of colors and that, not always, want to say something.

Includes some vintage element

A little contradictory, don’t you think? What does a vintage-looking object paint in a modern style living room? However, as shocking as it may seem, at first sight, the inclusion of some vintage-style element is part of the features of modern decor.

So a turntable, an old-looking radio, a small mini fridge with a traditional design, and even a corner desk inspired by 1960s designs. A small detail that makes the rest of the pieces in the room stand out is that it becomes an essential piece of it.

Elegant designs, leaving aesthetics aside

Although this style’s furniture is usually straight lines, there is another part of it that takes a long way from this idea, for example, chairs. If you choose to put some chairs or armchairs near the sofa to increase the number of seats for visits, you will see that there are straightforward models and others shaped like “S.”

The same goes for furniture like the side table. Some modern models have straight legs and are made entirely of wood, or combined with metal. Now, others have legs with striking designs, forming a cross, a pillar, grid.

When buying furniture for a modern living room, it is sought that it has an elegant and extravagant design, leaving aside aesthetics.

With an industrial touch

modern industrial living room

Although even the smallest living room can be achieved to have a fantastic and beautiful modern air. It is committed to a spacious atmosphere. So it is not uncommon to get rid of the walls, joining the living room and dining room together with the kitchen to make it look as open as possible. Why don’t you do it like that?

What’s more, taking advantage of the way you’ve got rid of all the walls. You could combine modern art with a style that matches well: industrial decoration. Pipes insight: bulbs cover the entire ceiling, leaving the wires in sight, some steel furniture with an eye-catching shape, Even leaves the brick walls insight, to make it spectacular.

Or, directly, you could opt for an industrial-style decor, but by introducing the wood into some furniture, such as the dining room chairs, the kitchen, or combining it with the metal. All this will allow you to have a modern industrial style living room. The glass is also an excellent material for furniture such as the side table, whether or not you include the industrial touch, think about it.

The inclusion of color in the living room

To paint the walls, it is clear that white, black, and light colors are the best. But what about the rest of the room? Not at all! You can use other colors or designs to contrast.

You’ve probably seen furniture upholstered with images from London, New York, in many stores. As well as many Fashions of this same style. Your sofa may be upholstered with motifs related to the American continent, the armchair with the British, and a carpet with a strange and striking pattern in black and white.

The color scheme on the walls

Did you want a good idea to decorate your living room in a modern style? The color scheme. White, black, and light tones are ideal for painting the walls and combining them. They look spectacular. For example, painting a wall in black could be the one behind the sofa and the rest in grey. Or paint the walls in grey, with the ceiling black.

What do you like to bet on more eye-catching colors? How about olive green? Or an intense red? With the white ceiling and a beautiful wooden floor, you will have a spectacular space.

Incorporates technology

ideas to decorate a living room

What can help make a space seem more modern than the inclusion of robotics in space? You could put on smart blinds, that all your devices, fireplace included, are controlled from your mobile device… You’ll see how everyone amazed!

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