7 ideas to incorporate olive green color into your home

Wouldn’t you like to change the color of the walls of your house? And you have not finished deciding for one? How would you like the olive green color? Or introduce it in some way in the decoration of your house?

It is a great color, very cheerful, and it has become a fashion trend this season. It is a versatile color, which provides sobriety, but also freshness, adding several different shades to the decoration design, based on the type of color. It is a perfect color for a wide variety of decorative styles from modern to classic, small, and large.

Are you interested in how to add it to your home decor? We will not wait any longer; here are some ideas to use olive green at home!

Paint the kitchen wall

Instead of spending a small fortune on tiles, haven’t you thought that you could bare the walls, smooth them out, and paint them in some pretty, natural color? Olive green is perfect for kitchens, especially those that are inspired by chic or modern design.

A light shade helps to add the naturalness of color with ease, blending with furniture in wood or white. And it can even be used in a contemporary setting with simple, straight-line furniture.

The kitchen furniture can be green

Kitchen furniture

Why does kitchen furniture have to be wood or white? It’s kind of bland that you have to limit yourself to something so simple, don’t you think? Well, the solution to your problems is the olive green color.

Thanks to the fact that it combines very well with other colors, such as orange and yellow. If the tiles or the kitchen walls are this color, or in white furniture that is a dark olive green tone will be luxurious in your kitchen.

If it seems too much, you can always paint only the closet doors. Although, if you want to introduce color, and give fresh modern air to the room, nothing like using glass doors for closets.

Paint the living room walls

Although olive green is a very versatile color, do not think that it will be useful to paint all rooms with it. It is a color reserved for a few areas of the house, apart from the kitchen, another of the spaces that look great with this color in the living room.

Paint the living room walls

A living room, or living room-dining room, painted in an olive green tone, is fresh, warm, and pleasant. Putting a color of nature like this will make it a cozy space, as well as helping you to improve the feeling of spaciousness of the area. Of course, the walls must be smooth to paint them in this color.

You could take advantage of textiles in the living room

What do you think that olive green will fit very well with the type of decoration you have in mind?

Nothing happens, you do not need to paint the walls in this color since you can put textile accessories in olive green to introduce it into the decoration of this room.

But in something simple, like the cushions. If you dare to bet on something more “striking,” the upholstery of the sofa can be in this color, but in that case, the cushions will have to be yellow or orange to look good.

Buy some furniture in olive green

What if you bought a piece of furniture in this shade instead of painting a wall in olive green? Remember that there is a wide variety of shades of this color. So it will not cost you much to find a piece of furniture that perfectly fits the decoration you had in mind.

For example, in the hall, put beautiful hall furniture, which could be an antique-looking table, in olive green, that the dining room table has a tempered glass table in this color.

Bathroom walls

Bathroom walls

As a general rule, bathroom walls are in a light or very dark tone; however, in recent years the use of more “dynamic” colors has become a trend. And the olive green has become the number 1 of these colors.

So, you could paint the bathroom walls in an olive green tone. Which will be very good if the decoration of the bathroom, or the toilet, is contemporary, modern, or classic.

As an idea, you could paint all the walls except for the one in the bath or shower area, putting some neutral-colored tiles there, so that the combination is perfect.

Combine it with other colors

Today, it is normal for people to have walls painted in different colors, and taking advantage of how easy olive green is to combine, you should not miss it. For example, let’s say you have a living-dining room because you can combine it with a yellow or orange color.

The same happens if you have decided to introduce the color through the furniture. If the walls are an olive green color. The furniture should be a shade that suits you or vice versa.

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