Simple Small Closet Organization Tips

For small room, space is critical issue related to clutter problem. Generally problem because people don’t understand well how to organize their stuffs or also they think someday these stuffs will be used again, so they keep to not throw away. Wisely only needed stuffs should be stored, other can be sold, throw away or donate to charity. I’ve listed some useful small closet organization tips for you. Perhaps it will help.

Small Closet Organization TipsFace reality

Maybe you are sentimental or romantic people to collect many memorable things from childhood or romance period. It will not be problem if you have enough space to organize them, but for small room, it will increase clutter problem. Face reality, don’t look back, your childhood or past moments have gone. No longer time anymore to store them, including inside your closet. Move many of them will free s a lot of space.

Closet Design Ideas For Small ClosetsReorganizing

From all small closet organization tips suggestion, maybe this is the most important thing. Rearrange and reorganize all your stuffs. Organize them based on type, size and function particularly. It has many benefits: cut time to look for if you need them again and better organizing will make them concisely and free extra space.

Very Small Closet OrganizationAdditionally storage places

Replace some stuffs from closet to eliminate unnecessary accumulation. You need to purchase some boxes, baskets or bins to store them. Put and categorize based on above factors. Good to add label with its name. It will help you when you need it. Boxes, baskets or bins from rattan, wicker and plastic are good choices. Consider function and its design. Keep in good looking organizing.

Add hangers and holder

Hanger is very useful to hang clothes, skirt, pant, trouser and so on. Put belt, bracelet, pet and necklace on holder. Screw these items at the corner wall of your room. It will help to reduce accumulation of items within your closet. Sorting items at hanger based on color and type, but don’t install to put hangers unless your room will be seen like laundry room.

Rack for shoes

Your daily shoes need special place. You can not put every shoes inside closet, exception if your shoes are new and never used. Put at the corner is bad idea. Cheap rack can be solution. The right place is near door and under window.


You need enough lamp with proper wattage to brighten and warm closet and places where you put your items to eliminate humidity, odor and mildew growth. Make sure air circulation within your room run properly.

I guess these simple small closet organization tips are enough helping you. You can apply some ideas above. Let’s start to reorganize.

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