Light Up Your Caribbean Party with Crazy Decoration

Let’s talk about Caribbean party ideas to light up your event. Never hear Caribbean party? Great party besides Halloween party you can do. If you ever see movie Pirate Caribbean, then you can imagine how Caribbean party will look like. Usually this party is excited with colorful decoration with tropical … Continue reading

Simple Steps to Build Cheap Tiki Bar

Building A Tiki Bar

Building a tiki bar at your backyard is good idea to bring tropical lifestyle. Sweet place to gather your friends to make small outdoor party at Saturday night or holiday. To build it, you don’t need expert carpenter skill. And materials you need you can find at home improvement and … Continue reading

Simple Guide to Organize Halloween Party

There is one time when we can make guests laugh and scream altogether without angry. This time is Halloween party. Party for kids and adults.Talk about Halloween party means scary dressing up. It’s time to explore your creativity to create scary Halloween party decorating ideas inside and outside your home … Continue reading