How to Find the Right Curtains for Living Room

To find the best curtains for living room need consideration from functionality and aesthetic function. Using curtain we can filter light from outside and improve window aesthetic. Decorating living room will not complete before we get the right curtain for window. Some factors are involved here: rods, color, design, style, … Continue reading

Tips to Choose Skylight Designs in Living Room

Looking at homes with skylight designs in living room are very interesting, This skylight can enhance visually attraction at ceiling and bring warmth by passing natural light. Home with skylight is felt more spacious, brighter and luxurious. Generally there are two types of skylight: fixed and vented skylight. Fixed skylight … Continue reading

Explore Wall Art for Living Room Ideas for Your Home

Find cool wall art for living room ideas to change your living room wall appearance. We know that nothing more boring when sitting on living room, except seeing large wall without wall decoration. No need change overall living room decoration, but add small elements are enough to improve wall attraction … Continue reading

Secret to Plan Inviting Warm Living Room

Living room is public area within your home where you gather your guests, friends and family to tell and discuss something interesting, play the game or just watching TV. Ideal living room should felt welcoming and people friendly for everybody. Here we must feel relax, enjoy and happy. Some warm … Continue reading

Simple Way to Decorate Small Living Room with Brown Color Theme

Create brown living room in small living room will be serious challenge for you. Brown is associated with dark, while dark is not right color for small room. So what we can do? The smart way is controlling balance between dark and light. Set first up which items will be … Continue reading