Principle of Interior Design Concepts

Concept Design Interiors

Understanding basic interior design concepts principle is a must if we want our decoration work well both functionality and pleasant to eyes. If we see from positive side, knowing this will save money to not hire interior designer anymore. However decorating with or without understanding of basic principle will produce … Continue reading

Ideas to Decorate Wall with Modern Wall Clocks

Many things we can do with modern wall clocks. Usually we put one wall clock at one room, but for decoration purpose we can break this habit. Modern wall clocks give almost unlimited variation in design, size, color and material. Only imagination will restrict your creativity to decorate your wall … Continue reading

Bring Exotic Moroccan Interior Design into Your Room

Moroccan interior design come from Morocco, northern Africa. This exotic interior style is influenced by Arabian, Spanish and Roman culture. You could find amazing combination of dazzling colors, rich ornamental fabrics and natural inspired pattern in this unique decoration. Moroccan interior style also reflect warm climate, because this country is … Continue reading

Principle to Decorate Small Apartment

Getting small apartment decorating ideas are helpful if you live in small apartment. For small apartment, every inch space is very valuable. Your decoration must able to maximize this limited space. Save space from unnecessary stuffs. What you need is smart decoration. Transform your small apartment like a small home … Continue reading