Principle to Draw Floor Plans for Homes

Floor Plans For Homes

Design floor plans for homes can be done by paper and pencil, software and application based web. Some tools like SmartDraw, Autocad, FloorPlanner and Homestyler make possible you to draw whatever floor plan you like. But, one thing you must know. Concept behind a floor plan must be understood well. … Continue reading

Patio and Deck Design Ideas for Backyard

The best patio and deck designs should be able to fulfill multiple functions: beautify backyard and functional for taking a rest when afternoon come. Your patio and deck are important home exterior element. Don’t make you feel bored when looking at them. Renovate or remodel with other styles. Overall renovation … Continue reading

Beautiful One Bedroom Home Plans


Is it possible to own beautiful and comfortable small home with only one bedroom inside it? The answer is absolutely yes. But how to do it. Where do we start to realize one bedroom home plans dream? First important step is understanding basic concept to create the right floor plan. … Continue reading

The Advantages of Salvaged Wood Flooring

Are you looking for materials for your floor? Try salvaged wood flooring. It has advantages that you can’t get from new woods. It can improve green environment and help to preserve nature. There are several types of this wood: Antique Chestnut, Antique Heart Pine, Antique Oak, Antique Maple, Douglas Fir … Continue reading

What To Look For When Buying A House

What To Look For When Buying A House

My friend ask me, what to look for when buying a house? Before getting a house, we have two options: build or buy it. Depended on your condition and situation, consider first several things before take decision. Buy A House Pros: practice, simpler, make free from confusing making home designs … Continue reading