Learn to Find the Right Trailer Home Plans


Without a doubt trailer home become popular because they offer many advantages, from price, living in simplicity and less maintenance. We will not meet difficulty to get store or company that offer trailer home, from just trailer home plans and ready use trailer home from standard design until customized design. … Continue reading

Things You Need to Know to Make Small House Plans

You can consider several small house plans ( cottage, ranch, vacation and two story house ) before building small house. Usually small house is built under 2000 square feet. Possible to build small house in classic or modern style, and with or without loft. People build small house for several … Continue reading

Advantages of Having Tiny House

Living in tiny house give new experience. The tiny house movement was very popular years ago and the influence still felt until today. Jay Shafer from Tumbleweed Tiny House company is the man behind rising of this tiny house. Tiny means very small. Question here, does it good for every … Continue reading

Tiny House Ideas: Advantages, Disadvantages and Decoration

Tiny House Ideas

Rising of tiny house offers new values: save space and money, living in simplicity, fulfill weekend trip going somewhere and so on. But, is it really that tiny house for everybody? We will find some tiny house ideas whether this house is for everybody or not. After that we will … Continue reading

Options to Plan Comfortable Small Home

Small Home Building Plans

Before preparing small home building plans, we must have the same definition about small home term. Generally small home is home under  1600 square feet and under 900 square feet, we call it as tiny house. Tiny means smaller size than small home. The big challenge to plan small home … Continue reading