Artificial Sunshine Decoration Using Sun Wall Art

Enjoy every second of your life inside home with sun wall art. No matter weather condition outside your home is cold, rain or snowy, always ‘sunshine’ within your home. This decoration is inspired from garden in shiny day. What’s a beautiful! With a little decoration, you can enjoy artificial sunshine … Continue reading

Creative Sticker Wall Art to Make Over Wall

Using sticker wall art to make over wall is fast way to change wall decoration. Using this technique will save your money than if you use paint, wallpaper and mural to decorate wall. If your kids like painting anywhere, including on the wall, ask them to use sticker. Give them … Continue reading

DIY Install Crown Moulding Corner Blocks in Simple Steps

Crown moulding corner blocks are cheap and install it on ceiling will enhance room value. Ceiling appearance will instantly look different . Good news, besides cheap, this material can be installed easily without hiring expert building or contractor. Save your money, not necessary to pay them. Do it yourself. But … Continue reading

Best Exterior House Paint Color Combinations Guide

Exterior House Paint Color Combinations

Decide your exterior house paint color combinations carefully. Once you paint your house, it will be such as trade mark for your house. People will remember your house from your exterior, because this is most looked part from outside. In other hand, we are confuse with so many options, almost … Continue reading

Secret to Decorate Small House

The main problem at small houses are narrow room, clutter, crowd, uncomfortable and some negative feelings. It will be challenge to change all of these. We don’t need expensive items to bring new atmosphere. What we need is clever plan. What does it? Let’s find ideas from pretty photos of … Continue reading