Tips to Clean Your Fiberglass Shower Unit

What make people love fiberglass shower is because affordable price, many design and colors available and able to create luxurious impression and increase value of bathroom. You can select fiberglass shower unit, fiberglass shower enclosure, fiberglass shower corner ans whatever you like, but keep in mind that you need to … Continue reading

Cost to Remodel Bathroom Estimation

Cost To Remodel Bathroom

How much does it cost to remodel bathroom is vary, depending on what kind of remodeling you will do. Small bathroom will spend money less than big. Determine what kind of action you will do. Complete overhaul will costly than just replace certain fixtures and upgrade some appliances. Recognize good … Continue reading

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Small bathroom usually have size 16-60 square feet. The challenge is improving appearance while still keep functionality. With a few tricks it’s possible to be done. We can make it more welcoming and seem bigger than before. But how we do it? It involves appliances, colors choice, organizing and lighting. … Continue reading

Get Benefits from Drop In Soaking Tubs

There are several types of soaking tubs we can install ( Drop In, Japanese, Small, Corner, Free Standing, Walk In) in bathroom. One of most popular type is Drop In Soaking Tubs. Its price is affordable. Ideal for family bathroom. It has many benefits, specially for healthy, relaxing and healing … Continue reading

Learn To Build Bathroom Vanity In Simple Steps

Build A Bathroom Vanity

Everybody want their bathroom look good. Putting bathroom vanity is one of ways to make it both good and functionality. A cool bathroom vanity can serve these two functions. We can update our old and out date bathroom vanity and also can build from the scratch if we don’t have … Continue reading