Estimate Your Materials Needs

If you are an architect or builder, I’m sure you can do all tasks related to home planning and design, calculate building materials needed and make budgeting easily. But for newbie, without basic building knowledge, it will not easy to do that, even though just want to know general information. I post some useful calculator for any purposes related to materials needed to paint wall, calculate how many tiles needed for floor , building cost per square feet and I add calculator specially for people who run business in home renting to know how big ROI they will get. Next time I will update it with any other calculator types. Perhaps it will help you.

Paint ImageCalculator 1: Calculate how many paint you need to paint your home

Calculator 2: Calculate cost per square feet building

Calculator 3: Calculate how many tiles you need

Calculator 4: Knowing how big ROI of your home renting you will get

How to use

Simple, just input your data and press calculate button. Wait a second, calculator will calculate the result based on your data. You may use it anytime for free whenever you need it. It’s not perfect estimation, but it will provide you general basic information.

Are you ready? Try it.

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Note: This calculator provide general information and rough estimation and not as expert advice. In reality, the result will be vary because there are many factors influencing like application technique, particular condition and other factors.

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