Tips to Create Beautiful Sage Walls Bedroom

Sage walls bedroomSage walls bedroom nowadays become popular. Sage is variant of green which is able to provide shady and calm effect to bedroom and its owner. This color is at transition between light and darker green. Sage is flexible color. You can plan several bedroom decoration styles based on this color. From rustic style to modern style are possible using this shady color. Start to be interested? Let’s find some possible decoration ideas using sage.

Here several sage walls bedroom ideas you can adopt if you want decorate your bedroom with this pretty color.

Modern sage bedroom

Keep bedroom decoration using sage in minimal way. Paint wall with plain sage color. Install wall decoration like photos and wallpaper, but limit amount of these items. Keep look simple by making them in same size. To arrange book collections, install sage shelving on wall. Use combination sage and white as bed color. White as primary color and sage as accent color. To make look bright, select bedding set in white color. For window treatment, you choose between white or sage curtain. For totally sage impression, sage curtain is great, but if you prefer your bedroom loo brighter, then white curtain is your choice. For floor, hardwood floor is good, because it can complete sage color to reflect natural atmosphere.

Sage walls bedroom

Shabby chic sage bedroom

If at modern sage bedroom, decoration is keeping simple by avoiding too many elements and ornament, so with shabby chic you are more free to explore and realize your ideas. Shabby chic is started from concept to bring shabby, crepuscular or not bright view at bedroom. We may call that shabby decoration close to traditional decoration.

Sage walls bedroomTo decorate bedroom with shabby chic, don’t hesitate to put carving wooden brown bed at your bedroom and put brown patterned rug under bed. Hang curtain on window and cover bed with old fashioned look curtain and bedding set. If you have no idea about it, just choose curtain and bedding set with floral theme, but this design use old style.

Near bed, place wooden table, cover top surface with table cover and put flower arrangement in ceramic vase

Cottage style sage bedroom

This cottage style bedroom offer spacious look for bedroom. Good choice for small bedroom, where no extra space to place several items. What make difference with modern sage bedroom, at this decoration, you will feel spacious impression like on modern sage bedroom, but decoration come with rustic taste. Decoration is keeping simple, but using furniture and stuff with rustic style.

Bed with decorative headboard, then covered with sage bedding set from thick fabric material, because usually a suburban region felt cold, so thick fabric is match to this weather condition. Beside bed, put traditional dresser and decorate it with fresh or fake flower above it. To complete this cottage style, cover floor with vinyl in brown or rug.

Rustic sage bedroom

Almost similar with cottage sage bedroom, but rustic sage bedroom use furniture with rustic style. Usually furniture like this look simple, less aesthetic and seem made without good planning. But what make this furniture look special, because it looks unique and really make people are sleeping there feel stay on peaceful rustic.

Another difference from cottage sage bedroom, this rustic style is heavier ornament, but still look tidy and organized.

Beach bungalow sage bedroom

To bring beach bungalow taste on bedroom decoration, install thin white curtain to let natural light brighten inside room as much as possible. Beach is place where sunshine is available every where. To bring this decoration, avoid anything which make dark impression, for example, for bedding on bed, white bedding is better choice because helping to make this bedroom look shiny. It’s good to arrange bed facing window to directly receive natural light from outside bedroom.

Conclusion: Sage color is great to beautify bedroom. You can explore yourself other sage walls bedroom ideas. If you are looking for calm feeling, then sage is yours.

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