The Best Boys Bedroom Ideas

Every young man will develop his own sense of style as he learns more about what he likes and dislikes and finding the best boys bedroom ideas to try out can be a challenge. Most girls will jump at the chance to go shopping and redecorate, but most guys would rather focus on their video games or comic books. It’s very possible to make renovating your boy’s room enjoyable for him while giving it a cool edge that he’ll love. If it’s time to give your boy a new space to dwell in, you came to the right place for some useful tips!

Part of interior modern childroom with orange walls

Boys Bedroom Ideas 


Get as crazy (or as calm) with the paint as possible! 

Find out what colors your guy really enjoys in his space. Whether he’s a wild dude that wants bright orange and blue walls or he’s a simple young man that prefers more neutral tones, there are endless ways to make a paint job unique. Once you have the wall colors squared away, you can work together to figure out how to make things pop. Accent walls are always a nice touch to make a statement and even if he just wants to keep his room white you might be able to turn him onto the idea of a chalkboard wall or painting some fun patterns on in his favorite hues.


Bring themes to life with the furnishings. 

If your child is young enough to appreciate airplane or dinosaur murals painted all over their walls, then don’t be afraid to go for it! However, if you’ve got an older boy that’s slowly transitioning into young adulthood, these kinds of projects will almost always be deemed childish or over-the-top at some point. If he’s still very into the idea of a theme for his space, you can bring his theme to life with the furnishings you decide to get!

Loving airplanes or dinosaurs can be a big part of the design concept without becoming dated when you purchase furniture and cool art pieces that reflect his interests. Having a display case of model airplanes, awesome dinosaur artwork or throw pillows will give off a more refined look and feel that he won’t get tired of too quickly. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different themes to create one completely customized to his needs!


Stitched Panorama interior Child's room


Use interesting items as focal points.

Hitting your local thrift or consignment store should uncover some furniture and decorative items you wouldn’t have found otherwise. A cool movie poster or a nice lamp will help set up the ambiance of a room and give it character. Interesting wall decals could also do a lot for his room since they can be taken down if and whenever he gets tired of them. You can find countless decals online and there’s bound to be a few things he likes!


Make organization more fun and less of a chore.

Give your guy even more reason to keep his things together with repurposed buckets and bookshelves that are clearly labeled for what should be simple and easy clean up. This should get him in the habit of picking up after himself more often to avoid creating too much clutter!


Get into some unique seating options. 

Of course a standard desk and chair will probably be necessary for one of many boys bedroom ideas, but who doesn’t love a good bean bag chair? They’re the perfect lounge seats and they’re versatile and easy enough to move around anywhere. Floor cushions are also great options because they’re super simple to make and very long lasting. If you’ve got a somewhat popular guy on your hands, he’ll probably have a few friends over from time to time that will need a place to sit!


Boys Bedding Sets


Take your pick of many boys bedding sets

 Finding the right bedding sets for your guy will be very important. Not only is the overall look of it something to consider, but you want to get the most comfortable, durable material you can find. Shopping locally or online will open your eyes to many different options you can pursue.

All in all, as long as you let your son have his say in the process of redecorating his room, it should be a painless experience. By the end of it, he’ll have been gifted with a space all his own and you get to feel good as the parent that helped make it all possible. Expand on the bedroom ideas for boys already floating around out there to create a custom-designed place where he can be himself!


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