Stylish and Functional: Loft Beds for Adults

Loft beds have always been a smart option for furnishing the rooms of the younger people in your life, but what about loft beds for adults? The best thing about a loft is the way it maximizes space. There’s almost nothing better than having a little hideaway up off the ground. Not only are they very cool bed solutions, but they allow you to maximize the floor space you’ve got so you can make the most of every square foot.

Whether you use it as a reading nook or a bedroom, there’s so many ways to customize them to meet your own personal needs. Have you ever wondered about the ways an adult loft bed might bring some style and flair into your bedroom or guest rooms? They come in so many varieties that it shouldn’t be difficult to find the best one for your particular taste.



A space for storage

Why not get the most out of your space by incorporating storage into your loft bed area? Most people tend to go for options that have storage built in below, but why not put it up above? Storing extra clothing or other important items above your bed is ingenious. Storage is always one of those things that we all wish we could have more of.

As our belongings pile up, our living space can become cramped and stuffy. With a loft bed that’s got storage above, you can keep all your things organized and out of the way with no problem and if you ever need to get to something quickly for any reason, it’s not inaccessible or hard to locate on the fly. You’ll be able to get more out of the floor space in your bedroom or guest room and there are so many styles out there that would look great no matter what you’ve got in mind for your design.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can have a loft bed with storage on top custom built to the measurements and dimensions of your room. Whether you’re after a queen or king size bed that you and your partner can sleep in together or a loft bed setup with two twin or full size mattresses, it can all be accomplished with a little imagination.



A spot to relax or hang out

You can never have enough places to hang out with friends in your home. If you’ve got your eye on a loft bed, you’ll find that most of them allow for a space to hang out right below your sleeping area. You can put some comfy pillows there and invite all of your closest friends over for some drinks and girl talk! If you rather use this space as an area where you can unwind and have alone time, you might want to style this little spot as a reading nook. Curl up with a good book and a cup of tea while time passes you by on a lazy day!



A workstation at your feet

The most popular loft beds for adults are the ones that double as a home office. These loft beds are seen most often in university dormitories, but they make a very modern option for the working professional dealing with limited space in their apartment. Below your bed is a desk where you’ve got everything you need to get to work at anytime. This kind of bed is also nice because it makes you feel like you have a chance to get away from your work since the desk isn’t the first thing you wake up to in the morning.

Loft Bed

Work around those awkward ceiling heights

A custom built loft bed is a great idea for those people living in a room with slanted ceilings. It can be a real drag when you find a place you want, but the bedroom walls slant down at harsh angles. Building around those angles will allow you comfortable ceiling heights and a chance to use space that might be deemed “unusable” by others. Unless you know someone you can trust to build the bed for you, you’ll most likely have to hire a professional contracting company to take the job on. It will be worth it without a doubt once you see the finished product!

You can let your creativity take over as you find out how to create your own adult loft bed. Mix and match other ideas to come up with a look that feels best for your space. Loft beds can be a whole lot of fun!


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