8 ideas for room decoration for girls

Is it time to decorate your daughter’s room? Don’t know how to make the most of the space to give your little one a pleasant stay? We’re going to give you a series of ideas to room decoration for girls, what’s going to be luxurious!

Don’t miss any details of what we’re going to tell you next, and you’ll see how your little girl will love it.

Adapt the stay to your age

Is a bedroom for a little girl the same as a teenage girl? It’s more than not, so you’re going to have to adapt the space to what your daughter might need based on her age.

If it is small, with a more straightforward space, with just enough to store your toys and to keep your clothes, more than enough, instead, as it gets older, you will have to incorporate other elements such as a desk and extra storage furniture.

One thing you could do is create a space with a timeless design that fits what a little girl would need, but that will serve as it gets older. This way, it will last longer, and you won’t have to worry about changing the decoration of the girl’s room so often.

The color in the girl’s room

girls room decoration

Even if we are in the 21st century, we follow the topic because she is a girl, you should paint her room pink. If your daughter loves it, all right, paint her pink walls.

Keep in mind. However, that color has a significant influence on the room decoration for girls. For example, if the room is small, in pink it will not say anything, so you would have to paint it white. If it’s big, you might opt for a blue or green. You can always insert the pink color through the furniture in case your daughter, or daughters, like it.

And think that it doesn’t always have to be pink, other color are usually used to paint girls’ quarters, such as violet, purple or a combination of pink with another color.

It combines natural and artificial light well

Natural light is always important when decorating any space, but this should be enough to help your daughter while she’s doing anything in the room without using a lamp. But at the same time, it shouldn’t be blinding.

So, put a blind in the room, or some curtains with illustrations of her favourite characters, so that she can decide when to let the light into the room. And for the night, it has a ceiling lamp according to the decoration of the room. If it’s a bit childish, then a lamp with some Disney characters’ drawings, for example, if you have a minimalist touch, can be a lamp with a paper screen.

On the bedside table, it is also essential that you have some lamp, especially if you are a stubborn reader because, with the ceiling light, you will not see very well. In the case of having bunk beds, try to put each one a separate lighting system.

Your daughters share a room, what to do?

girls rooms

There is a very common mistake: to decide to put two separate beds in a bedroom. Of course, every daughter is wanted to have her own space. But, in small rooms, this is all that ends up being a significant hassle, because they steal a lot of space. Even in medium-sized bedrooms, it is a significant waste of space.

So, when decorating the bedroom for your daughters, think about putting in some bunk beds. These do not have to be white or wood color but have pink, blue, green. Whatever they like! And instead of the typical bunk beds, you could buy the train bunk beds, ideal for slightly larger rooms, and which offer a separate space for each.

Buy a whole furniture module to make it cheaper

Even if your daughter is very young right now and you’ve just finished her in bed, think she’ll grow, and eventually, she’ll need a lot of storage space. So, you should buy him a whole furniture module that consists of a bed, a desk, and a wardrobe. Some even have shelves to put on the wall.

Vinyl and details on the walls

All kids like to have illustrations and figures of their favourite characters in the bedroom, so why not fulfil their dream? You could buy some wallpaper to cover the walls of your girl’s bedroom or some vinyl with illustrations of the protagonists of the series she loves so much.

Hanging some elements on the walls will also contribute a lot, like some painting, to buy you a watch with drawings of that character that you like so much, some stuffed animals exposed on the shelves.

Storage space

ideas for rooms

Like it or not, all children end up having a lot of toys and lots of clothes. And it is not recommended that you have both things together in the same piece of furniture, because you will end up filling it in a short time.

It would help if you bought her a piece of furniture to store her toys, like a trunk, leaving the wardrobe free to store her clothes. When buying her a bed, she thinks about buying a nest bed.

On the one hand, it will do you good because you can take a friend to sleep, and on the other hand you will have a few drawers with plenty of storage space.

Consider putting some shelves or shelves on the walls, so you gain a little more storage space.

How to distribute the furniture in the room decoration for girls?

Are you having trouble deciding where to put everything? It’s pretty simple. The desktop should always be under the window so that you can enjoy the maximum amount of natural light.

Instead, the bed must be on the opposite wall, or right next to the desk, to prevent sunlight from being a problem in the mornings. The wardrobe on the free wall, although it would be ideal if it were built-in.

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