Quick Way to Make Fabric Covered Headboard

Good fabric covered headboard can  improve bed function and aesthetic. Bed is the main element in bedroom. By adding simple patterned fabric headboard, you can change entire your bed look fast. Commonly, a fabric covered headboard or an upholstered headboard consist four elements: fabric covered foam, board as back, staples and buttons to improve visually appearance. Buttons are optional. This is budget friendly bedroom decoration. You don’t need to spend much money.

Fabric Covered HeadboardIf we haven’t owned fabric covered headboard, fast way is buying fabric covered headboard kits. Follow all instruction there and voila! Your bed look good now. But we will learn how to make custom fabric covered headboard. It provides better result, because specially made for your bed.

Fabric Covered Headboard KitsStart up preparation

Select first patterned fabric you like. Floral pattern is good if you look for cheerful feeling. Pastel blue and green if you want to relax and orange and yellow if you want spice up your day. Then measure your bed and adjust your headboard size based on this bed dimension. It must be fit and comfort. Bed has various size ( single, double, queen and king ). Different bed size means different headboard size. Cut board for backing in four panel sections. For queen size, 20 x 30 inches are enough.

Upholstered HeadboardMake panel

For each board sheet, draw with pencil along this length at distance 10 inches from the edge. Then drill holes for installing buttons later. Adjust diameter buttons as requirement. Lay down foam over board and stretch patterned fabric to cover it. Tighten with staples. Ensure installed perfectly, all of parts flat and tidy.

Make buttons

Determine first how many buttons you need for your fabric covered headboard. You can buy buttons you need at fabric store. Then from residual patterned fabric, you can cover to decorate it. Cut fabric in circle shape with proper dimension, maybe ¾ inch is enough. Sew with needle to cover these buttons with fabric.

Attach button to headboard

Attach buttons to headboard through holes we have made before. Pull and bind thread through hole. Do it well. Then install board into wall. Use screw to tighten it into wall anchors.

That’s it. Now you have beautiful fabric covered headboard.

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