Feeling Romantic and Success With Blue and Gold Bedding

For young couple who want feeling romantic and success, decorate bed with blue and gold bedding are wonderful way. Blue brings relaxing and feeling calm down, while gold reflects success and wealth. Combination these two colors at bedding bring romantic, intimate relationship and stimulation to reach success. If you are interested, try one of combinations between midnight blue, tropical blue and royal blue with Moroccan gold, gilded french classic and iridescent sand color. Whatever combination you pick up, your bedding will be amazing.

Blue And Gold BeddingAfter decorating bed with blue and gold bedding, what next must be done? Coordinate bedroom decoration with this wonderful bedding. Use this bedding as primary focal point within your bedroom. Try some ideas below:

Paint wall with gold

Matching wall with your blue and gold bedding. Paint them with light gold. For variation, you can create accent color with darker gold in certain wall side. Other alternatives are decorating wall with wallpaper or faux painting kits. If you want elegant and contemporary style, select wallpaper. For art touch, faux painting kits are best choice.

Blue And Gold Bedding PicCombine gold and blue at bed furniture

Your bed is primary furniture. Several ideas: paint headboard with blue and trim with gold or just paint with gold, but play with light and dark gold. To give luxurious and expensive impression, decorate button, screw and knob with shiny gold.

Blue And Gold Bedding ImageDecorate window with shades of gold

Install gold curtain if you want luxurious feeling. For less maintenance, complete window with gold wooden blind. Gold curtain is perfect to reflect wealth living, but it needs maintenance more than blind. Gold wooden blind combines natural element, modern and gold color advantages.


Put blue and gold rug below bed in analogue color with blue and gold bedding. Besides bedding, this beautiful rug will be center point at your bedroom, specially if you have genuine expensive rug like Persian rug. Beside your bed, put small table with blue and gold table lamp. Don’t miss it with photos. Hang your sweetest moment with gold frame on the wall

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