Explore Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas for Lovely Girls

You can explore many possibilities of teenage girls bedroom ideas from color, wall, bedding and pillow, accent, furniture and lighting to create comfortable bedroom. For teenage girls, their bedroom are small kingdom inside home. They spend to much time there to do anything. For parents, important to transform good decoration to maximize both comfort and functionality aspect. Great tip is don’t start before you have clear idea and concept.

Favorite colors

We will start discussion about teenage girls bedroom ideas from color aspect. Undoubtedly that colors can not be ignored when decorating room. Usually girls love pink, violet and white, but better to ask them what their favorite colors. Start to limit only two colors: one for primary color and another one for accent color. Explore variant of shades and texture from these colors. Every items in girls bedroom must be in these colors.

Teenage Girls Bedroom IdeasDecorating wall

You can paint girls bedroom wall with bright or neutral colors. Which is better depending on your girls characteristics and theme you will pick. If you know your girls often change mind, taste and idea, so neutral colors are better, because whenever they have new idea to add new elements into their bedroom, neutral colors as background will be fit for every element. It’s more flexible. The same thing is difficult if we paint with bright colors in the beginning. Consider to use stencil and sticker. These two items are cheap and fast to change wall appearance.

Teenage Girls Bedroom AccessoriesLet your girls to hang or install whatever they like on the wall ( posters, photos, mirror, funny wall clock,  etc ). Add accessories on window sills like animal statue from ceramic and colored resin vase.

Bedding set

Bed is essential furniture at bedroom. Change bed appearance visually can be done in low budget by replacing old bedding and pillow cover with new ones. If you master in sewing, buy decorative fabric. Cut and sew to change old bedding and pillow cover. If wall paint in neutral colors, so vibrant colors fabric will make bed look attractive. Do the same principle to change window decoration by replacing old curtain with decorative fabric.

Teenage Girls Bedroom DesignCarpet and rug

Some unique print rug in animal theme like zebra, giraffe and cheetah are good as long as it will not cause conflict with bed decoration. Try to choose bed elements and rug in the same pattern. Large rug has advantage to soften floor and cover weakness of floor appearance visually if existing floor doesn’t match with new decoration you will realize. It’s much cheaper than you change tiles.

Storage place

Teenage girls need storage places to store their stuffs. They are tend to collect anything they like. It’s potential problem to add clutter. Some interesting storage places from wicker and thick colored paper can be effective solver. If needed, add several racks on the wall. These storage places can be put under bed to keep bedroom look tidy and concise. Paint wall racks in interesting colors.

Bedroom lamps

Many bedroom lamps are available as ceiling lamp, standing lamp, corner lamp and table lamp, either for reading or sleeping. Combine functionality and design when selecting bedroom lamps. Read specification of each lamp. Some unique lamps are found at table lamp, where there are cartoon and fairy tale pictures on cap. For sleeping lamp, blurry and LED lamp are good. Their lighting are felt soft to eyes.

Above points are few teenage girls bedroom ideas. You can explore yourself other ideas. To stimulate your brain, I give terms vintage, flower and apartment style as attractive themes. Now your turn to explore many ideas related to these terms.

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