Decorate Bedroom with Nautical Wall Clocks

Decorating bedroom can be started from anything. If you have memorable nautical wall clocks, why don’t you develop become your theme for your decoration. Maritime inspired decoration will present feeling like ocean adventurer. Like Venetian mirror, nautical wall clocks look good whenever you put it. More than that, it looks unique and exclusive. This theme is timeless beauty, always look up to date.

Nautical Wall ClocksThe next step you must do is making adaptation with the whole room interior decoration to fit with these nautical wall clocks. Let’s do one by one.

Wall clocks variation

Nautical wall clocks come in contemporary and traditional design. Contemporary design made from metal and plastic and traditional from wood. Prepare several wall clocks in various size, shape and design. Usually these wall clocks are ornamented with anchor, ship and lighthouse shape and picture. Wooden nautical clock looks antique, classic and store many stories behind ocean traveling.

Nautical DecorWall decoration

Beautify your wall with nautical decor. Paint your wall with navy blue, turquoise and white. Blue is ocean water color, turquoise to show contemporary touch and white for brightening bedroom, reflect bright sky color. If you don’t like plain color, good alternatives to provide texture and pattern with this theme are wallpaper and faux painting kits. Enhance your nautical sensation with posters related with this theme. If you ever see movie Titanic, some scenes there are really wonderful. Do you like fishing? Put your photo when you catch big swordfish!

Wooden Nautical ClockAccessories

Add accessories like replica of sailboat, yacht, ship steering wheel, oars and driftwood are must have things you can pick. Put sailboat and yacht replica above table beside bed, ship steering wheel on the wall and driftwood at the corner. If you want to decorate your ceiling, then hang net above your bed. Inside net, pu several fishes replica from wood or resin.

Replica under sea living

Buy table with glass box within it. Inside this glass box, pour beach sand and fulfill with beach stones, clam shell, replica of seahorses, sea creatures, lobster and sea star. This glass box is  beautiful center piece at your bedroom.

Bedding set and window decoration

Replace your old bedding set with nautical theme bedding and get dream you are sailing and fishing in the ocean. Do the same with window curtain. Curtain with sun, sky, beach  and wave ornament are pretty good choice.

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