Black and White Bedroom Ideas

Black and white bedrooms are all the rave and a big choice of interior designers. When you think of a black and white bedroom you envision the ultimate in chic. Straight lines and circles with a splash of almost any color you can imagine form the basis of many black and white bedroom ideas. You can even go the route of printed newspaper type wall paper on one wall, or how about painting a wall bright glossy red with matching trim on adjacent walls.

Bed with black and white bedroom decor

Black wooden furniture, white walls and a lovely printed microfiber mini duvet by Aeolus Down. Available from Amazon.

What Are Some Good Black and White Bedroom Ideas?

There are many possibilities when it comes to using a palette of black and white in your bedroom. Lets go over a few.

Floors and Walls- A shiny black painted floor would look fantastic in a black and white bedroom. What would really look nice, depending upon the style you are going for, is a muted gray hardwood floor. You could pair this up with a solid white wall on one side and a patterned textured black and white colored wall paper on remaining walls. The wall paper can have a bright color in it as an accent, such as modern red poppies. Always have your accent colors make a bold splash of color. With black and white, try to have only one bold bright color as an accent.

Black and White bedroom ideas

Black and White can really go with any color. A taupe bedhead and some matching lamps are really appealing in this setting. The set is a Metropolis Celeste 9 Piece Comforter available from Amazon.

Windows- Windows would look fantastic with black lacquered shutters. Shutters are always nice and give a clean appearance. The folding accordion lightweight type are best for easy opening and closing on interior windows. It is best to stay away from too many black and white patterns when it comes to materials in curtains and draperies. Try to stay sleek when decorating with black and white, or you might tire easily of your window treatments. Reflective materials look good with black and white. Be creative with curtain pulls.

Black and white bedroom decor

Plain curtains are best if you are going to have a patterned quilt. This comforter set is reversible which is like getting 2 sets for the price of one. Available from Amazon

Furniture and Accents- Sleek ultra modern looks great with black and white. Try throwing in an occasional chair of your chosen accent color as a surprise. Hot purple would look fantastic, and red always goes nicely with black and white. If you are using plush furniture in a little seating area in your bedroom, try throwing a fuzzy shag rug down to differentiate the area. For a touch of the exotic, you might even try a folding oriental black lacquered oriental screen next to your bed, especially if you went the colored hardwood floor route. Your floor should be a lighter shade then the screen, or even contrasting. If you are really daring, you could paint your floor the popping hot accent color, and carry the black and white on up into the rest of the room. Mustard yellow with black and white would look really classy.  Look for contrasts rather than going with black and white bedroom décor.I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore movie

black and white bedroom ideas

Greys and fawns go well with black and white. Some black and white pictures on the wall complete the look. Bed linen is Black Hudson Luxury 12 Piece Set, available from Amazon

There are many ideas when it comes to your bedroom.   Look through magazines, and lay and dream of what you vision your bedroom to look like. Try to stay simple, but do so with mega design and you will find that you have the black and white bedroom ideas for a designer’s dream.

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