Beautiful Purple Bedroom Ideas

Opening the door on a beautiful purple bedroom is a sight to behold. Purple is a very comforting color which gives off a good feel. Purple is also a very rich color symbolizing royalty. There are many directions you could go with this depending upon the look you want to achieve. In the traditional bedroom setting you might go with a romantic or exotic feel. In a contemporary bedroom setting you might want to go for a bold stronger purple feel with contrasting colors to make the purple pop out. The choice is yours. Decide whether your bedroom will be traditional or contemporary. The decor in your bedroom does not have to match your entire house decor. This is your private room to decorate how you want.

Purple bedroom ideas

A lighter shade of purple provides a nice contrast to the dark wooden furniture and neutral tones on the wall. Bedding available from Amazon.

Traditional Purple Bedroom Ideas

When you walk into a traditional purple bedroom your eyes are going to first travel across the bed and then to the windows. From there they take in the walls and travel down to the floor. If you have your walls painted a lighter shade of purple, or lavender, dark rich furniture stands out. Ivory also looks good as a back ground color for a purple bedroom. One wall could be painted a dark rich purple, or use a dark wallpaper with some traditional lights such as a chandelier.

purple bed spread

Rich, dark colors are used in this traditional setting. Bedding available from Amazon

In the traditional purple bedroom try to stay elegant. There are some stone floors which carry a natural purple hue. What would be really fun is to paint a carpet on your floor, using deep purples, reds and a touch of gold. You can have one or two pieces of furniture in a deep purple wash. Always try to create an uncluttered feel. If you choose to have drapes on your window, keep them a solid dark rich purple, and have light, or ivory liners with eyelet embroidery design. You can carry this same eyelet design to your bed linens. Think peaceful and elegant. A four poster bed would look fantastic.

grey and purple bedspread

The muted purple walls don’t overpower this bedroom as the curtains and furniture provide a nice contrast. Bedding available from Amazon.

Contemporary Purple Bedroom Ideas

You can really have a lot of fun decorating a contemporary purple bedroom. The sky is the limit. You want a bedroom that talks to you when going contemporary. You might try foil wall paper on one wall to add pizazz. Get bold geometric designs to really make a statement. Stay away from fussy window coverings. Try to keep the whole look sleek with clean lines for the ultimate in classiness. Most standard furniture will not fit the looks of a completely contemporary room. Go instead for mostly light lavender painted furniture with a few bolder colored accents thrown in along with the classic strong purple. You want the purple to really pop out, and it does this best against white.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

grey and purple bedroom theme

The purple in this bedding stands our really well against the white background. The white windows and curtains provide a nice backdrop. Bedding available from Amazon.

Follow the lead of the bedspread that you choose, making sure that purple is the dominant color to find the perfect accent colors for your room. The picture above shows how well a grey and purple bedroom comes together.  Purple also looks nice with red, lime green, and black in the modern setting. The key to contemporary is simple, strong and bold.

Enjoying Your Beautiful Purple Bedroom

Whether your after a contemporary or traditional look, you can get some fantastic and beautiful results with these purple bedroom ideas.

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