Adorable Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girls

Is your daughter or some other young woman that’s dear to your heart getting to that age where she wants to decorate her own bedroom? Redecorating can be so fun and for most girls, moving into a more age-appropriate space from childhood into the teen years can be very exciting. Kids love to have a place that’s all their own where they can relax and feel comfortable and if your girl’s room is ready to move on up, here are some great ideas to keep in mind when you’re planning out the new changes together! These teen girl bedroom ideas should go over great and as long as she has a say in what goes, she’ll end up with something she loves!


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Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girls


Decide on a sweet color scheme.

Each girl is different, and there are different colors that each girl will want to be surrounded by in their personal space. Is pink or purple one of her favorite colors? Does she want a brightly colored space or a more toned down feel? Deciding what colors to use will be one of the first things you want to find out (if you plan on painting at all). Once you have your colors picked out, you can research some awesome paint treatments to try! There are options out there for every kind of style and paint is a very affordable way to add character and definition to a space.


Thrifting for cool stuff is a great idea.

Girls in the late tweens-early teen age range will probably see their personal tastes change quite a bit, so going thrifting at a second-hand furniture store or consignment shop for one-of-a-kind knick knacks and accent pieces will add charm that won’t break the budget! You’ll be sure to find some things that your girl will treasure forever.


Well thought out storage will go a long way.

You won’t believe how much you can do yourself at half the price a store would charge while developing your home improvement skills at the same time! Head out to your local Home Depot or Lowe’s and pick up wood planks that you like for shelves; you might even find some at a recycling center or from a neighbor that wants to get rid of them! Sand and paint them as necessary and find some simple hardware that can support a decent weight and you’ve got easy, functional shelving for the cheap! Placing the shelves over a desk or close to the bed will be very convenient. This shelving is likely to last for years and years too!


Mix in bold patterns for a pop!

A girl will certainly want her bedroom to feel as hip and current as she is. Adding some fun, funky patterns that flow with the overall color choices of the room will make all the difference and create a great look.



Monogrammed Gifts for Teens Decals3Find winning wall decals.

Wall decals are a quick and fairly inexpensive option for dressing up walls. There are more shapes, sizes and designs out there than you can imagine and most of them nowadays are removable: so if she ever wants them come down, it’s a very painless process to do so.


Curate or create beautiful artwork.

Searching for cute artwork to dress walls with shouldn’t be difficult. If you’re having a rough go of finding the right pieces, there are tons of websites out there (like that have hundreds to choose from. You can even upload your own personal photographs to turn into a canvas to hang! If your girl is a photography freak, she’ll probably have so much fun seeing her art take shape and literally come to life!


Add that extra touch with accents.

Things like area rugs, cool window treatments, fun lamps or light fixtures, pillows, throws and seating like a cute beanbag make a room even more inviting. Let her pick out a few of each if the budget allows and she might not ever want to leave her room again!


 Look for sales wherever you can.

Of course you’ll want to check out the local stores in your area for finds, but there are so many shops online that might have just the things you’re looking for. The clearance section will always be your friend especially since you never know what you could find. It might be from last season, but your teen might just love it and getting it for half off always feels great. It never hurts anyone to save a few bucks.


Comfort Research Classic Bean Bag Chair, Chartreuse Polka DotDo-it-yourself when possible.

A quick internet search will reveal so many projects that your girl might love to try out! When you do something yourself on your own time, you save a lot of coins that you’d otherwise pay for someone else’s labor. You can make almost anything you’ll need for her new room yourself from curtains to comforters as long as you’ve got some spare time.


As children grow, nothing can be more rewarding than watching them come into their passions and interests. When you’re thinking about how to redesign their personal space, you want to keep them as involved as possible. Designing together brings bonding together and going through this process is sure to create lasting memories. Give your girl her own little world to exist in whenever she needs a retreat with all of these amazing bedroom ideas at your side to guide you!



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