Upgrade Your Bathroom Appearance with Oversized Shower Curtain

Who say that decorate bathroom always expensive? Install oversized shower curtain is practical way and low cost decoration. Several benefits you get from this curtain: practice, low budget, easy installation, available in many designs, easy maintenance and increase bathroom beauty visually. Small change bring big difference. But how to decide the right oversized shower curtain for your bathroom? What criteria should be considered? And how to implement later?

Oversized Shower CurtainPrimary category

Because of limitless options of oversized shower curtain variation, you wil be easy overwhelming. Narrow your decision based on primary theme and color you will develop or following existing theme. There are three majority category you will pick: various graphic print, striped pattern and geometry pattern. Every type will match with certain style decoration.

Oversized Shower Curtain RodsModern theme with various graphic print

Go with oversized shower curtain graphic print if you want transform modern style into bathroom. Just specify pictures you desire: animal, floral, abstract, stars and so on. But be careful with picture complexity and color. More complex and rich colors will cause you miss what focus you will showcase and even add chaos view at your bathroom decoration. But if you can select the good oversized shower curtain graphic print, it will be fascinating focal point in low budget you ever get.

Extra Wide Shower CurtainSimple decoration with striped pattern

Good for minimalist bathroom decor. Stripped pattern available both in vertical and horizontal line. Most people love vertical line because can help ceiling look higher. Decorate with stripped pattern oversized shower curtain also create contemporary look like with graphic print, but in less style. Perfect for small bathroom.  This simple pattern also flexible to be mixed with any existing decoration.

Retro style with geometry pattern

If you want something unique and different, so go retro with geometry pattern. Geometry pattern is more complex than stripped line but simpler than graphic print. Few shapes of geometry patterns are rectangle, circle, triangle, hexagon and pentagon. They come in many colors combination. Decorate with this style is unique, incorporate contemporary and vintage.

Upgrade bathroom appearance with oversized shower curtain is fun task. People can explore many ideas to get new look and new atmosphere without worrying about budget. And the best part most people can do it. No need skill condition to adorn bathroom with this item. But after everything look fine, how to maintain this curtain?

Keep clean from any dirt. To clean shower curtain from residual soap, shampoo and mold, spread hot water up to 2 minutes. Then wipe with soft cloth. To remove dust and stain, use baking soda and vinegar.

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