Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Small bathroom usually have size 16-60 square feet. The challenge is improving appearance while still keep functionality. With a few tricks it’s possible to be done. We can make it more welcoming and seem bigger than before. But how we do it? It involves appliances, colors choice, organizing and lighting. All can be done with simple planning. Let’s explore some small bathroom ideas.

Small Bathroom IdeasTips to make better

  • Apply neutral color at wall, floor, window, door and all appliances. Multiple colors are not suit for small space. If you will put towel and rug, try to select in similar color.
  • To save place, replace bathroom vanity with pedestal sink. Pedestal sinks also make bathroom look modern.
  • Replace existing door with sliding glass door. Swinging of standard door can spend up to 20% of space.
  • Complete window with blurry glass. It can brighten bathroom with natural light while people outside can not look inside.
  • Arrange appliances like shower, pedestal sink and toilet in line position, along with wall to make it look concise.
  • Believe it or not, installing ceramic at diagonal position can help creating larger impression. If you don’t like this arrangement, it doesn’t matter to install in n normal way, but prioritize to select light color ceramic.
  • Is there closet at bathroom? It’s time to move it outside bathroom. Every space is valuable, only put important items here. Then we can install towel hanging at ex closet place.
  • Replace standard bathtub with smaller size. It will save space.
  • Install glass shower. It will shine bathroom and create illusion no border wall.
  • Install bright light bulb on ceiling. It will brighten and make bathroom look roomy.
  • Add decorative element by installing vertical line wallpaper. It helps small bathroom look higher, modern and elegant.
  • Bring freshness to bathroom by adding fresh flower into vase. Pour water inside vase to make longer fresh.

Small Bathroom Ideas DesignSome tips above are few small bathroom ideas you can follow. There are many possibilities anymore to decor small bathroom, but it will not out from appliances selection, colors selection, organizing and lighting installation. You can explore other better ideas, apply these four things as your guide to dig your own small bathroom ideas.

Small Bathroom Remodel

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