Bring the Beach Home: Seashell Bathroom Décor

With so many different options for customizing and decorating your home, it can be a tad bit overwhelming to find a style that suits you: but you really can’t go wrong with seashell bathroom décor! If you’re a big time beach lover, seashell bathroom accessories allow you to bring a little fun and sun into your space with no effort! Whether you’re completely overhauling your bathroom or you’re just looking for new little touches to update the space, there’s definitely a million ways you could bring some beachy chic into your home! You might be surprised at the amazing seashell bathroom décor ideas you can incorporate into your design plans!


Seashell Bathroom Décor IdeasVanities and organizing solutions are always good to have.

If you’ve got a larger bathroom and you just want a nice place to store your towels and washcloths, you should invest in a vanity or small armoire. This should provide more than enough space to stow away extra toilet paper rolls, body wash and shampoo. Sometimes, it’s easy to overkill your theme by incorporating too much of the same thing. If you do decide to choose an armoire or vanity for your bathroom, this is one place where you can deviate from the shell theme a little bit. With a vanity like this adorable turquoise one, you still get beachy vibes without overpowering the space too heavily seashell décor. If you’ve got an old armoire or vanity lying around, you can repurpose it and use it in your space for a newer look.

Cheap yet stylish shower curtain liners

Cheap yet stylish shower curtain liners.

You probably already have a decent enough shower curtain, but you might want to switch out your current shower curtain liner for a more sea-friendly version. This can instantly add interest and style to your bathroom without costing you very much! It’s simple, sweet and the neutral color palette doesn’t demand too much attention.

Those cute little seashell rugs look great

Those cute little seashell rugs look great!

Rugs are an essential part of any bathroom and they’re key to being able to keep your floors dry and clean. This bathroom rug is adorable and it will serve as a great rug by the sink: it might be a tad too small to suit your needs getting out of the shower. A bigger bath rug like this one would probably work well for stepping out of the shower!

A sturdy bathroom set is a big deal.

You can very easily go out and grab a cheap bathroom set: but it won’t last you very long, so you’ll always be buying new ones. If you don’t mind deviating from the seashell theme a little bit, you can get a sleek stainless steel bathroom set complete with a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, soap dish and tumbler cup. You could always use the cup for something else: like holding Q-Tips! If you want to stick with the seashell theme, there’s always cute bathroom sets like the one below!

Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Set


Find a few statement pieces to accent your theme!

It’s totally true, you canSaturday Knight Sarasota Toothbrush Holder make a statement in any room of your home: even your bathroom! This beautiful seashell toothbrush holder will be sure to get a lot of compliments. There’s no doubt that this is one of those seashell bathroom accessories that you can’t go wrong with.

You might even want to base the rest of your design off of the color scheme of this piece! You’ve got the choice to make it whatever you want. You could purpose this lovely seashell jar in your bathroom design as well, and the clean white color gives it room to fit into any existing color palette!

Dress the walls in something pretty.

A few nice pieces of wall art can make your bathroom feel like a dreamy, serene place to be. Don’t hesitate to search for a few inexpensive pieces that promote peace and calm: you might be able to fashion a few on your own for even less!

As long as you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease during the process, you can find the perfect bathroom décor to please your eye. We might associate a seashell-themed bathroom with something that’s tacky or outdated, but it can be done in a very chic way. If you’ve got some imagination and a few days of free time, you could have your bathroom shining like new in no time. Seashell bathroom décor can certainly look good while still representing your own unique taste and style!

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