Learn To Build Bathroom Vanity In Simple Steps

Everybody want their bathroom look good. Putting bathroom vanity is one of ways to make it both good and functionality. A cool bathroom vanity can serve these two functions. We can update our old and out date bathroom vanity and also can build from the scratch if we don’t have one. Let’s learn to build a bathroom vanity.

Build A Bathroom VanityStep by Step:

  • First step to build a bathroom vanity is preparing space to put it. Measure it’s dimension, length and width accurately. Use pencil and paper to make simple sketch. Then buy sink and countertop at nearest hardware store. Select the proper choice.
  • Then build base. Favorite material is plywood. Glue its coating on the front. Ideally, at least 4-5 inches can be used as base height and 20-22 inches for depth. Make sure width of this base is proportion. For back and side part, we need ¼ inches boards, then use shims to level it.
  • Giving 2 inches overlap on every sides. Prepare making floor above base. Cut ¾ inch plywood and attach it use hammer and nail. 1 ½ inch nail is enough for this task.
  • On the back side, we have to give support rail. Give distance 29-29 ½ inches from top side of base.
  • Then cut side panel in 20-22 inches depth and 34-35 inches height. Cut leg area on each side, position at bottom front of panel. Then attach it to the base using finish nails. Nailing it to support rail.
  • Now we add upright pieces to frame doors, determine size is 1-2 inches to give space when doors are swinging open and close. 1 inch wide at bottom and 2 inches wide at top piece are enough.
  • Then attach this door front using screws and hinges. Don;t forget to give handles.
  • Inside cabinet, put a shelf, at least ½ inch depth of this cabinets. Attach this shelf to support both sides, also cut plywood then nail it to make stronger.
  • To make this construction is really strong, we can provide triangular corner pieces for every corner at the top. It will make stronger countertop position.
  • Install countertop in proper position using adhesive. Make sure we use the right adhesive for this purpose.
  • Last step to build a bathroom vanity is connecting plumbing as water channel. That’s it.

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