Ideas for a Walk in Shower

If you are thinking of giving your bathroom a makeover, then get rid of your tub and invest in a walk in shower. Why? For one, it can make the bathroom feel less cramped. Without the tub, there is a lot more space to move around. This will make showering more comfortable and refreshing. To make the most of your bathroom space, here are some walk in shower designs that you may want to consider.


Walk in shower ideas - shower recessed into wall

Shower recessed in wall

Size and Layout – The first Step in Developing Your Walk in Shower Designs

Before building the shower area, make sure you consider the size of your bathroom and the placement of the shower head. If you have a small bathroom, for example, take note that a relatively large shower would take up too much space. There would not be any room left for the rest of your bathroom fittings such as the sink and water closet. You should remember to plan the placement of the shower head to keep the water from splashing all over the place.

To avoid any issues, it is best to plan your remodelling very carefully before starting the actual work.

Walk in Shower Ideas Featuring Glass Panels

Do away with the traditional shower door or curtain. Some of the most striking designs have floor-to-ceiling glass panels with frameless glass doors installed. The glass enclosures create an illusion of space while letting some light from the other side of the room to come in.


Luxurious walk in shower designs

Luxurious shower

Skylight Installation

Speaking of letting in some light, why not install a skylight over the shower area? Aside from adding a personal touch to your shower, it will also help you save on your energy bills.

Door-less Option

To give your shower area a wider space, you may choose to get rid of the door completely. Apart from making your bath a bit more comfortable, a door-less shower is easier to clean. Since it is not totally enclosed, the tiles on the walls and floor will dry up quickly and prevent moulds or mildews from growing.

Accessorise Your Walk In Shower Ideas

Buy a soap dish with a nice finish and place it on the same side as the shower head. Doing so will create a more streamlined layout of the area. Installing grab bars near the entrance is a great idea if you need to accommodate an older or disabled relative. A corner seat is a popular design trend that you may also want to look I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

Feature tiles are a great way to add something special to your walk in shower designs and there are a couple of tips to using them effectively.  Feature tiles can run up the side of one wall, even using a different tile for one wall of the shower.  Or, a narrow strip of feature tiles such as in the shower below can add a striking touch.  If you have a small bathroom  you are best choosing a plain tile such as white as this makes the room feel larger.  A feature tile in the shower recess can add a nice splash of colour in a small bathroom without overpowering the space.


Walk in Shower Ideas -feature tile and dual shower heads

Shower with feature tile and dual shower heads

Jazz it up

A well-designed shower offers you the elegance that is commonly found in luxurious hotels. To add a touch of style, you may want to choose a rainfall shower. This type of large shower, however, creates a stronger spray of water. So be sure to take into account the size of your shower area. For a more rejuvenating shower experience, think about installing massage jets and nozzles. Spraying water on your body at different pressure levels using these fixtures can help relax your tired muscles.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Bathroom remodelling is one of the best home improvement decisions you will ever make. If you can incorporate one of these walk in shower designs, you are sure to enjoy a totally different bathing experience.

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