Get Benefits from Drop In Soaking Tubs

There are several types of soaking tubs we can install ( Drop In, Japanese, Small, Corner, Free Standing, Walk In) in bathroom. One of most popular type is Drop In Soaking Tubs. Its price is affordable. Ideal for family bathroom. It has many benefits, specially for healthy, relaxing and healing purpose. It also improves your bathroom appearance, become more luxurious.

Drop In Soaking TubsSoaking in this hot tub can relieve physical and mental stress. Water temperature can be adjusted as our requirement. Perfect for relaxing after hard working in the whole day. It can increases blood circulation and body temperature. Also after that, our sleeping quality will be better. Soaking in 20-30 minutes are enough to make us feel fresh and returning tired.

Drop Soaker TubPhysical problem like muscle, back, lower back, foot and joint pain can be solved by soaking in hot tub. Do you have arthritis? No problem. Try to regularly soaking there.

For women who want owns smooth skin, soaking in this Drop In Soaking Tubs is good. It will provides great result if before soaking this tub is poured with essential oil. It can makes skin become smooth, glow and clean.

Kohler Drop In Soaking TubHere are step by step to install Drop In Soaking Tubs:       

  • Determine first where this Drop In Soaking Tubs will be put. Make sure there are enough space to put tub. To avoid mistake, measure dimension of tub.
  • If you don’t have frame to put tub, you have to build it. If there is existing frame, this task will be easier. Just replace old tub with new tub, as long as its size is same. If not same, we have to make some modifications or rebuild it.
  • Before placing tub, clean first floor inside frame. Then put tub carefully. Check whether every tub edges have the same level.
  • Next step is making plumbing fixtures. By pencil, marking the holes. Remove first tub from its place, then drill to make holes.
  • After drilling is finish, now install plumbing fixtures. Check whether there is not leak in plumbing fixtures.
  • Then prepare material to hold tub within frame. We can use cement. Make proper mixture between cement, sand and water. Other alternative is using casting plaster. We can find this material at local material store.
  • Immediately before cement become hard and dry, put tub within frame. Ensure it is laid down in proper position. Check again whether every edges in the same height level. Then tighten tub in frame.
  • After putting tub in frame is finish, then we can decorate frame to improve tub beauty. Select interesting bathroom ceramic to laminate this frame or you can use other material as you like.

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