Creative Bathroom Shower Ideas

Explore attractive bathroom shower ideas and make the time you spend in your bathroom a great experience. If you feel your bathroom shower now looks out of date, it means you must up grade its appearance. Find out some useful and interesting ideas you can apply.

With a little effort you can improve your bathroom’s value ( and the value of your home ). More than that, this is the most important, you will feel happier and more comfortable using bathroom. I have compiled several bathroom shower ideas for you to consider.

Bathroom Shower IdeasUnique custom tile

When you are in bathroom shower, you face tile on wall around you. It means, if you can change this wall tile, bathroom shower appearance will be better. No need to pay builder expert to change this bathroom tile look. Just explore your imagination and find out many ideas from magazine. You can combine more than one tile pattern to get unique combination. For example, tile type A is installed from bottom to top, then tile type B give border along this tile type A. B will give beautiful border. Another amazing custom tile is creating mural using tile. You can buy tile with picture. What you do next is arranging to form certain picture. If you hope exclusive mural for bathroom tile, you can hire local artist with cheap budget.

Bathroom Shower Ideas TileShower for two people

If needed you can change your existing bathroom shower for two people with separation. To do this idea, bathroom shower area must be possible to be separated become two section. It needs more than one shower, so every room has its own shower. To separate these two areas, you can choose between shower curtain or sliding glass door. Second option is better from privacy consideration, while first option is simpler and cheaper.

Bathroom Shower Door IdeasApply laminate shower

This idea is similar with first idea, but if at first idea we use real tile, here we use laminate shower to cover wall surrounding shower. The same function with all bathroom tile, but this material has benefits: available in various design and color, easy to apply and cheaper than genuine material. For example, granite and marble tile are very expensive, but you can bring granite and marble atmosphere at bathroom wall using this laminate. Other interesting laminate texture: soft, quartz, gloss, fa and rococo.

Bathroom benches

Don’t ever think that benches only needed for garden, your bathroom need too. Sometimes people want to sit on bathroom, for getting feeling relax, release tired and stress and for shaving. Usually bathroom benches are made from ceramic, wood and combination of stainless steel and plastic. Benches from ceramic is more durable and perfectly look harmonize with bathroom decoration because it’s built using the same tile pattern. Wooden benches bring natural touch, but it’s less durable than ceramic because of moisture factor in bathroom. While benches from stainless steel and plastic look modern and light, but sometimes we feel not comfortable sit on this plastic.

Oversized shower curtain

Use this material to enhance privacy feeling and improve bathroom shower appearance. Benefits of this oversized shower curtain: cheap, large to cover all area, available on many designs and colors, cheap and easy to maintenance. To clean up this curtain, you only need hot water and vinegar. For people who are often change bathroom shower decoration, choosing this curtain is recommended. You can replace with new curtain any time you want. Just replace them from curtain rods.

Bathroom shower head and jet

Thes appliances are main appliances at shower room. Change them if necessary. If you want to get new sensation, feel relax and massaging effect together in the same time, replace your old shower head and jet with another type. Type that I mean is having more water holes to spread water. Use this will make you feel like standing under water falls.

Bathroom shower glass door

This idea is only if you don’t like to use shower curtain to cover shower area. You can select various glass door type: swinging and sliding and also clear and blurry glass. Of course, glass door is more elegant than shower curtain, but it’s more expensive. You pay what you get for.

Well, I think several bathroom shower ideas above are enough. Is there anything else?

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