Concept Behind Tiling A Bathroom Floor

There is slightly different concept behind installation tiling for bathroom and for other rooms. Usually, durability, taste, budget and aesthetic are most general reasons to choose tile. Specially for tiling a bathroom floor, it must be added with important factor: security. Bathroom floor is usually wet by water. It can increase slippery possibility. Avoid installing smooth tile is important. Tile with rough surface is good choice. It can prevent people from slippery. Below material type can be considered.

Tiling A Bathroom FloorCeramic Tile

Ceramic is general tiling a bathroom floor type. It is strong, hard, durable, water resistant and available with many various color, pattern, texture and size. Just specify what exactly kind of ceramic that will fit with your bathroom. Ceramic tile can also protect wall from water if installed at wall.

Tile And Flooring BathWood Flooring

Two types of wood flooring like laminate and hardwood flooring are good alternative for tilingĀ  a bathroom floor. It will transform bathroom become more modern. If we like different sensation when at bathroom, choose this floor type. The only weakness from this material: not good if floor is always wet by water.

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