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Types of screen

A correct choice when choosing one type of shower screen or another is essential, as it can affect the entire bathroom in terms of style, comfort or space-saving.


Make Your House a Home

It is your kingdom, your refuge, your place. And it should be noted. These ideas will help you get inspired and give love to your home. Our home is probably

Jomo style

What is the Jomo style

Although Feng Shui is one of the most famous decoration styles, it is not the only trend that exists and here is another one, the Jomo style. Our home is


How to decorate with vinyl

Vinyl is a very fashionable decoration element today because it is easy to place and can be stamped on multiple types of materials. There are those who confuse ‘house’ with

happiness at home

How to find happiness at home

Feeling comfortable and comfortable inside our home is essential to be happy. Discover how! How to find happiness at home. After a long day at work, when you return from

side tables

How to decorate with side tables

If you have doubts about how and where to place this decorative element, read this article in which we explain the properties of all types of side tables. We all


How to decorate in an original way with photos

At present, there are many people who choose photos of the experiences lived to set their home. It is clear that the decoration has a thousand ways of expressing itself


How to decorate a twin bedroom

Each room in the home usually fulfills a rather specific function. Therefore, when decorating each room it is normal for us to take some time and ask ourselves how we

What is the Ikigai?

To know your ikigai and apply it at home, you have to ask yourself a series of questions about yourself. We help you discover it. It is well known by

home smell good

What to do to make your home smell good

That the home smells good is an important aspect to keep in mind, because the people who visit it will be left with one impression or another. There are different