Unique Fish Tank Decoration Ideas

So, you’re looking for some unusual fish tank decoration ideas?  The first thing you need to consider is what is the function of a fish tank.   It’s more than just a tank for fish! Fish tanks form part of the décor of a room and can be a real highlight.  Furthermore, they have potential health benefits with research showing that watching fish in a tank reduces stress and anxiety.  Aquariums provide the opportunity to keep pets in places such as flats, units and apartments where it might be difficult to keep other pets.  So, having identified the benefits of having an aquarium, what can you do to make your fish tank special?

The Natural Look

This is the most popular approach in terms of fish tank decoration ideas.  This approach uses natural materials that would be found in the fish’s habitat like gravel or sand, wood, rocks and plants.  The aim is to create a natural look for the fish tank. In larger tanks consider building the wood and rock up at the sides and back to draw attention to the middle of the tank.   You can choose between real and artificial plants.  My preference if you’re trying to get a natural look is to use real plants though they do require more light and maintenance.  They can also encourage more algal growth than artificial plants but I tend to find they look better and provide the fish something to nibble on as well.  Try not to over crowd your tank with wood and plants as it may become difficult to clean and some of the more shy fish may rarely be seen!

Pirate theme

For something a little more lighthearted how about using pirates as a fish tank decoration idea?  Pirates offer plenty of opportunities with treasure chests and sunken ships.  How about a couple of pirates waving their swords complete with eye patches and peg legs?  You can get these sort of accessories at aquarium stores or online.  Make sure you only buy good quality products though as some cheaper decorations may leach toxic chemicals from their paint and harm your fish.  To finish the decoration how about a pirate themed picture placed against the back of the tank to provide a backdrop?Fish Tank Accessories

Cartoon inspired theme

A cartoon theme may be suitable for a fish tank in a child’s bedroom.  SpongeBob SquarePants and the Little Mermaid are both set in a submarine environment. As with the pirate theme, look for suitable aquarium decoration and themed prints to provide a backdrop. In terms of fitting these themes in with the overall bedroom décor consider the dominant yellow color of the SpongeBob characters and the blue theme of the Little Mermaid.


Unusual uses for a fish tank

Okay, have suggested several fish tank decoration ideas; let’s also explore some alternate uses of the fish tank:

  • Large fish tanks can be used as a room divider, for example to separate the living room and family room. A well thought out aquarium can provide a stunning piece of décor and a real talking point. When looking at tanks of this size it is important to make sure they are well constructed as they can contain hundreds of gallons of water.
  • Fish tanks can be made into a piece of furniture such as a coffee table. Definitely a unique experience to look down on brightly colored fish swimming under your coffee cup.
  • Aquariums can be built into old wooden television cabinets giving you a permanent fishy tv show!
  • How about a living bed head?  An aquarium can be incorporated into bedroom furniture to provide a unique look to your bedroom and what better way to relax before going to sleep than watching fish gently swimming over your head?  Definitely better than counting sheep.aquarium over bed
  • Another different idea is to use an aquarium as a water feature.  The aquarium is filled with water and a filter pump used to provide a waterfall.  The tank floor can be left bare or covered with coarse gravel or pebbles.

As always, happy decorating and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some unique fish tank decoration ideas.

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