Month: June 2019


How to decorate a twin bedroom

Each room in the home usually fulfills a rather specific function. Therefore, when decorating each room it is normal for us to take some time and ask ourselves how we

What is the Ikigai?

To know your ikigai and apply it at home, you have to ask yourself a series of questions about yourself. We help you discover it. It is well known by

home smell good

What to do to make your home smell good

That the home smells good is an important aspect to keep in mind, because the people who visit it will be left with one impression or another. There are different


Zen decoration tips

Achieving a home where harmony and serenity reign not only depends on decoration or colors but has a lot to do with the balance between body and soul and inner

kitchen furniture

Small and large kitchen furniture factories

The dream of everyone regarding the home once we have matured becomes, at some point, having a kitchen as spectacular as those we see in movies, Internet images or decorating

ceiling fans

Advantages and disadvantages of ceiling fans

Find out about the advantages and disadvantages of ceiling fans and their differences with air conditioning. Summer is coming, and with it, the heat. Whatever city you are living in,

passive house

What is the Passive house

When you think about the ideal home, many things come to mind and one of them is to be considered with the environment. The passive house meets those requirements. When